Is Becky Australian, American, or British?

Imagine a famous book character, beloved by millions, written into a FIVE book series she is so popular, is turned into a feature length film! She would already have a built in fan-base eager to part with their recession dollars at the box office, right? But what if she was cast as an Australian actress, faking an American accent, but her character in 9084352 written pages of the novels was British? CONFUSING AND IRRITATING doesn’t really begin to describe it to me.

shopaholicWhile visiting my corporate headquarters in Boston yesterday, my HR team of 8 women was having a nice, calm, lunch around the conference room table together when one of my colleagues and I started screaming and gesturing wildly at each other in mutual distaste for how Hollywood has interpreted Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic Series. Whoever was in charge of that disaster should be drawn and quartered. (I’m not sure what drawn is, but being cut into quarters sounds bad enough)

When I saw the first trailer in the theatre I thought I must be hearing things wrong, it couldn’t be set in NYC, she couldn’t be faking an American accent, she couldn’t have the wrong job. That is ALL WRONG. Sadly I was with my sister, who had never read the books, nor had hubby, nor had my immediate friends. See why this blog is necessary now? Until our conference room outburst I hadn’t had the chance to share my disgust with anyone else.

Small disclaimer, I do love the actress protraying Becky, Isla Fisher, especially since her significant other is one of the funniest people of all time.shopaholic2

We agreed that even though we were huge fans of the series we would not see the movie because they had mutilated it, so we are actively boycotting. So that is two of us, I wonder how many others in Kinsella’s fan base will feel the same way?


3 Responses

  1. This was a five part series? Damn this movie must be bigger than I thought.

    I don’t know anything about the actress but I thought they didn’t want to cast Anne Hathaway so they cast some no-name instead.

  2. it looks like they jammed at least 4 of the books into the movie bc at one point she *does* move to NYC, but she is distincly BRITISH, argh. I definitely heart Anne Hathaway and she looks more like the Becky Bloomwood in my imagination, but I still like Isla Fisher. She isn’t a no-name! She was the sister in Wedding Crashers that was psycho about Vince Vaugh, sound familiar?

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