I like you, just the way you are

As the advent of the most “romantic” day of the year approaches I was inspired by Holly’s Valentine’s day post about favorite couples in literature, but with a twist, love triangles in literature.

lovetriangleOne thing I love about romance novels is that there is never any doubt about who the hero and heroine are or who will end up together. If the reader can’t tell who the main couple will be, that’s a sure sign you are not reading a romance novel. However, on occasion, I can enjoy a romantic plot line where I don’t know who is going to live HEA, but then I run the risk of being heartbroken right alongside of whichever character was NOT chosen. Hopefully then they get their own follow-up book where they find true love so I can rest easier.

Here are some of my favorite love triangles I follow(ed) with an obsession, marking pages with clues as to who likes who more, re-reading scenes, and ok I cheated an included a few TV series as well:

  • Sookie, Bill, and Eric  (ok, you know who I want to win her heart! But is a HEA possible btwn a vampire and a telepath?)
  • Alanna of Trebond, George Cooper, Prince Jonathan (my favorite books when I was younger, I wanted to MARRY Prince Jonathan and had crushes on any boys in elementary school with black hair and blue eyes, but Tamora Pierce convinced me George was the right choice)
  • Sydney Bristow, Vaughn, and Lauren (I always knew Lauren was an eeevil wench, it took them long enough to reveal that!!!)
  • Bridget Jones, Daniel Cleaver, Mark Darcy (“I like you just the way you are,” gets me every time! So much better than “you complete me.”)
  • Joey, Dawson, Pacey (I was a Pacey fan all the way! Yay I was so glad I picked the winner of Joey’s heart!)
  • Stephanie Plum, Morelli, Ranger (will this ever be resolved???)

le sigh, they are parfait!


2 Responses

  1. It’s so fun to see a different take on my post! And I agree, I love Bill/Sookie/Eric, and I too was a Pacey fan. Something about Dawson just made me want to smack him sometimes. But anyways, if it’s alright with you, I would love to add a link to your blog on mine! Happy reading!

  2. Please add me! I liked Dawson at first, but Pacey and Joey just felt so right together, she was the perfect foil to his character to help him reform after his troubled past!

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