Too distracted to write much

I have a few draft posts that I need to clean up and finish, but I can’t! I’m too distracted and squee-ing over my current read Savannah Blues by Mary Kay Andrews. I found it on accident at the library (as is my wont) – a friend had recommended some “attic” thing-y by VC Andrews, but after I asked if there was romantic element (there was) was there a happily-ever-after ending(there wasn’t) I wasn’t super inspired to pick up anything from the series right away.

But while I was looking for Watership Down by Richard Adams to relive my childhood I saw the VC Andrews books and thought I would just have a peek at the back covers, but I accidentally took down a book by Mary Kay Andrews instead! I still have almost 200 pages to go in Savannah Blues and I can’t put it down!!! I took a 2 hour lunch break and was cracking myself up, loving Weezie and BeBe’s humor!

It was serendipity for me to pick it up anyways, as hubby and I were just “discussing slash arguing” about where we were going for our 1 year wedding anniversary trip (if we get to go ANYWHERE in this stupid recession) and my list included Savannah, Charleston, or New Orleans. Both of us picked up a love of the South when we went to college together in North Carolina and I am always wanting to visit ya’ll. So now after 214 pages I reeeeeally want to go to Savannah!



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  1. Ohhhh Watership Down! I will always, always remember my father reading that book to me when I was wee.

    I’m going to Charleston in April! My bestie lives there. Can’t wait… it’s so beautiful and chahhhming!

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