I love randomness, the little things that are just slightly out of the norm that make up the world around us. My college room-mate, now an uber successful Hill staffer, let’s call her Hill Gal (and current neighbor…well we both live in Dupont/U Street/Logan Circle area, sigh, confusing in-between neighborhood area), also loved randomness, so much so that her screen name was RANDUM83 (yes it was all caps and I never asked if she misspelled it but always assumed someone else had the screen name random83, also I’m 99% sure she isn’t on AIM anymore). So now whenever Hill Gal, J and I start an email chain with an anecdote from our fabulous lives it is usually titled something like: The most ranDUM83 thing happened…

If Einstein said: “Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous,” then I say: Randomness is God’s way of entertaining a Lusty Reader.

Tonight I was walking the mutt, Kedzie, by one of my most frequented books stores in Dupont Circle, Books-A-Million (where I purchased both Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince as well as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, these events make the store a land-mark in my life) when a nice, African-American, homeless man added a bit of ranDUMness to my day. As we walked by he made eye contact with Kedzie and greeted her directly by saying, “Hello, my brother.”

Even stranger is this is the SECOND time she has been greeted in such a fashion. Yes, she is black, I wanted to reply she is even an Obama fan! But he wasn’t addressing me so I gave my usual city-tight-lipped-smile and tugged on her leash.  The sidewalks in DC are always full of entertainment!



5 Responses

  1. The sidewalks in DC are always full of entertainment!

    So, so true. Especially in my neck of the woods…. Shaw gets reallly interesting after dark. And in the mornings. And, well, pretty much anytime.

  2. The dog park we go to is in Shaw, I’ve made some interesting new “friends”. Also, I love that we were both channeling the “A Christmas Story” references in our recent posts, it is such a good go-to exmaple of undiluted, pure, childhood glee!

  3. Maybe it’s safer in DC, but I would stay away from people who greet your dog. Unless its a big dog.

    Really dig the blue and black template by the way

  4. Kedzie is a big dog in a little dog’s body, more foxy than wolflike, so no protection from her! As much as I think I can figure out what she is thinking/wants/is trying to say/is feeling bc I am a doggie-mommy like that, neither of us is going to reply if some sketchball tries to start a conversation with her directly! I just give a tight-lipped smile and tug on her leash.

  5. […] all that said I am going over to Hill Gal’s house tonight to watch the movie and borrow the two remaining books from her, all of which I […]

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