Gump’s momma might have said…

A book is like a box of chocolates in more than one way. When you open a used book you never know what notes, bookmarks, dedications, margin squiggles you might find! Maybe it’s the “voyeur” in me but I love the insight I get into other people’s thoughts.

 The not so good surprises are random stickiness (I found gum in one!), pet/people hair, and excessive highlighting/underlining/gross drawings. In my Count of Monte Cristo I got from my high school’s UBS for a class in 11th grade almost every page had a penis drawn on it. Sigh, high school boys…

One thing that I’m all over like stink on a skunk is other people’s old library receipts. I just borrowed A Summer To Remember by Mary Balogh and look what was inside:


Is it weird that I looked up the other books on the list to see if I should get those also? Or that I got a sense of satisfaction or kindredship with this stranger by seeing that I also read Definitely Dead? So people, if you use the DC or Arlington libraries, please leave your receipts for me!

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  1. That is totally something I would do…if I ever went to the library. I tend to just buy a book if I think it might be any good, and I rarely get rid of them to share my own markings/receipts with the world. But, on the rare occasion that I do manage to step inside a library or a used book store (or even buy something used on, I pretty much MELT with glee over getting to smell old books, read people’s comments, all that good nosy-book-reading stuff.

    What’s even WORSE than the fact that I don’t go to the library much, is the fact that I haven’t had a lot of time to read anything at ALL lately! It takes me at least a couple of months just to finish a 200-pager. Bah.

  2. If it weren’t for the library I would be living off of food stamps and welfare, living out of boxes with 3240984 books. And thanks for the heads up about, I’m always looking for new places to get cheap-o books!

  3. I think looking at the receipt was clever. I’ll make sure I leave one.

  4. I love how it’s an Arlington Public Library book, also is where I always got my college textbooks- it’s a good site.

  5. I fully recognize the irony of the Arlington receipt, given that I “bragged” for three years that I never left the District and never crossed the river except to go to the airport…but I love my new job even though it forces me to spen 50 hours a week in Ballston. Ugh. At least it’s right across the street from the GIANT Central Library.

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