A perfect day to be curled up with a book

Mondays are bad enough, but add 4 inches of snow to a city of weather-idiots, and trudging to work becomes EXPONENTIALLY worse. Sigh, today would have been a perfect day to be curled up with a book. But come 7:30 this morning the dearth of a snow-day email in my work inbox seemed to say, “Be thy TBR pile as chaste as ice, pure as snow, thou shalt not escape your office. Get thee to the metro, go.”

Ok, so I’m no Hamlet, and at least the mutt was adorable in the snow. Taking a page from DC Striving’s book (or should I say blog?) here was my morning…

We both started off nice and roasty-toasty warm in the house


Kedzie bounded about a bit in our city-sized “backyard.” Ok it’s a bricked-over courtyard.


She was staring at the leash, willing me to put it on; she loves going for a walk in the snow. I can’t say I agree, plus my fake Uggs aren’t waterproof.


When I gave up taking the bus the 9 blocks to my metro for Lent I was thinking only of being less “slothful,” I did not consider that the weather gods would dump snow inside the infamous DC split territory that is usually safe from all snow, especially in MARCH. Here is Thomas Circle on my walk:


Finally, destination reached! And the metro wasn’t even delayed, so I couldn’t sneak in any more reading than usual. I LOVE when the metro is delayed, and the orange line is the finicky-est = match made in heaven!


7 Responses

  1. What exactly are “weather-idiots”? I’m afraid I might be one by birth( GA), esp. after moving to NYC, which is likewise miserable right now!

  2. I don’t know why the population of DC acts this way, whether it is due to native Washingtonians or transplants or both, but if it is even DRIZZLING the city freaks out and I get calls at work about people running 2 hours late. Yesterday it only snowed 4 inches (seems teensy to my Chicagoan self) and was beautifully sunny by 10am, but the bank across the street was closed all day.

  3. I haven’t figured out the weather idiocy, either. I’m a Jersey transplant, been here almost a decade and I don’t understand why official DC policy includes things like having one snow plow for the entire city.

  4. And they always put salt down at the wrong times, either
    a) never
    b) too early and the storm never comes anyways and they overspend the budget or
    c) too late

    Although I was pleasantly surprised at how cleared off and salted the sidewalks in Logan/Dupont were by the time I got home yesterday

  5. That tree picture is GORGEOUS. Love it! And I am stealing your pup. It’s official.

  6. Thanks, LiLu! The snow sure was pretty, but not so fun to walk through…And isn’t our pup the cutest-wutest thing? I just want to squeeze her ’till her head pops off.

  7. […] our rescued mutt, Kedzie […]

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