Time and tide wait for no (wo)man

King Canute the Great originated that phrase in the 12th century to make a point about his worthiness as a monarch; and although I don’t have a royal drop of blood (that I know of) that doesn’t mean I haven’t figuratively shaken my fist against the tides of time recently! I have found there are simply not enough hours in the day to tackle my To Be Read book pile or blog my thoughts once I do finish a book.

Now that I’ve had this blog up and running for a month (happy anniversary to me!) I’m happy with how the basics have come along (I still want to make a lot of visual improvements and minor technical tweaks), but I’m not sure where I’m going to go from here. I do know that between my priorities of the hubby, friends, mutt, work, and reading, there is competition enough without typing a full blown “opinion review” on all my reads.  (Luckily hubby had to work all day Saturday, so I finished two books this weekend! I will give a selfish hooray for me!)

Should I cut down my thoughts to just a few lines? Or just try to write a fuller review on half the books I read? For now I am going to try the latter, but I will be posting my grades next to the Finished Reading List there on the sidebar for each and every book, like so:

February 2009
Summer Sisters, Judy Blume re-read B
Dark Lover,
JR Ward B
Something Wonderful, Judith McNaught A
Fantasy Lover, Sherrilyn Kenyon C
Watership Down,
Richard Adams B+
Tales from Watership Down (sequel-ish), Richard Adams C
Breathing Room
, Susan Elizabeth Phillips (SEP) A-
A Summer to Remember, Mary Balogh A-
Savannah Blues, Mary Kay Andrews A-
True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle
, Avi B+
Savannah Breeze
, Mary Kay Andrews B-

What do you think?

PS: As you can see it has been a great month for me! Lots of A’s and B’s!!11!!1


8 Responses

  1. Well, I guess I’ll have to put “Something Wonderful” on my list immediately!

  2. Hopefully you’ll “luvit” too! It is in my Top 5 favorite historical romance novels of all time. Has the meet-cute, the separation, the thought-the-hero-was-dead-so-she-almost-marries-his-brother-but-then-he-comes-BACK-from-the-dead (not in a paranormal way), distrustful reunion, hidden love, hot sex scenes, and groveling apologies and declarations of undying love…allll the MUST-HAVES in my opinion and super well written.

    Sigh, I should really write a true review of it…you know when I get some free time!

  3. Congrats for the first month- they say that’s always the hardest!

  4. Thanks Pho! I know this goes without saying but this wouldn’t exist without you!

  5. I read True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle a few years ago and found it pretty interesting at the time. I think when I was more in that sort of same setting, it was a little more relatable. Cute, overall though. I’ll have to go pick up “Something Wonderful” this week!

  6. Hi Danni!!!!11!!1 The last time I read TC of CD was in 6th grade and it was one of my all time favorites from back then, so I dug it out of a box in my parent’s basement last time I was home. I think you would like “Something Wonderful,” but it is truely a straight romance novel, I don’t know if you read those…? My other best read of the month (or really so far this year) was “Savannah Blues” and is more womens fiction/chick lit so you might like that better…I don’t know how to link back to my review of it, but I wrote one up last week…

  7. I love reading Judith McNaught – she is my favorite romance writer. My sister and cousins used to pass her books back and forth. We especially loved Paradise, which is weird because I rarely like the modern stories. But I’ve read that one numerous times.

  8. KPD, so glad to hear of your mutual love of Judith McNaught (and romance novels in general, I feel that there are too few of us openly talking about it!). I definitely separate my “favorite romance novels” by sub genre, like historical, contemporary, and paranormal, and I find that almost all my favorites are historical.

    Paradise is actually #1 on my contemporary list, but I don’t really like her other really well known contemp…the one about the movie star on the lam? Who kidnaps the adopted preacher’s daughter? That one didn’t do it for me…but Matt Farrell and Meredith Bancroft’s epic saga (Paradise was loooong) really sets the bar in my mind!

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