Friday Finds (March 6)

friday_findsThis week I did a lot of reading, books, book blogs, DC blogs, you name it, I read A LOT, but I did not do much writing. My b! I did keep a scrap of paper handy though for my trusty To Be Read list so I could participate in Miz B’s Friday Finds this week. I found more of ’em than ticks on a coon hound!

  • Anything by Charlotte Hughes, she keeps popping up on various romance book blogs and she wrote a post for Dear Author that had me cracking up, I figured if she could write that well about her own life, how awesome must her fiction be? Do y’all have a suggestion for a good first book of hers that I should start with?
  • The Fiction Class, by Susan Breen (personally recommended by west-coast blogger Tabitha)
  • Can You Keep A Secret?, by Sophie Kinsella (inter-officed overnight to me from my fellow book lover colleague in my Boston office! Free cross-country book exchange – I has it!)
  • Blue Christmas, by Mary Kay Andrews…I have it on hold from the lib as I want a more satisfying HEA for Weezie and Daniel. Am I going to be dissapointed?

4 Responses

  1. You have the Sophie Kinsella?? I’m so jealous!

  2. […] found out about Blue Christmas  which further focuses upon their relationship, and added it to my Friday Finds last week and I’m #2 on the waiting list at my […]

  3. I know, I’m excited! I haven’t read anything outside the Shopaholic series, so I’m really looking forward to trying something new of hers!

  4. […] I’m burnt out on Becky Bloomwood and my same friend who loaned me Can You Keep a Secret? a few weeks ago gave me this one this week. Apparently she is klepto for Kinsella books. Also, why does Kinsella […]

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