Friday Finds (March 13)

friday_finds1Sorry MizB, I have been more of a Lusty Reader than a “Lusty list-maker” this week. I read 4 books this week and ALL of them were from previous Friday Finds of mine…that counts for something right?

So my only new TBR’s are those I randomly picked up from the library yesterday with no research:

  1. The Secret Heiress, by Judith Gould. It looked like it could be horrible, or or regular chick-lit fluff, or clever. I got no plans other than watchin the ACC tournament with college friends, so I figured…why not pick it up?
  2. Foul Play, by Janet Evanovich. I have only ever read her Stephanie Plum series and this is a re-release of hers from when she first started writing in the 1980’s.

4 Responses

  1. Hope The Secret Heiress turns out to be clever. The title is intriguing!

  2. I have Foul Play in my TBR and can’t wait to get to it!

  3. Karen: I hope it’s clever too! Gorgeous identical twins, separated and living totally different lives are reunited? Could go either way! I’ll def let y’all know…

    Andrea: I was really happy my library had this, it seems like her early works were JUST re-released!

  4. […] 18, 2009 at 2:21 PM (Contemporary, Grade D) Dammit my first guess was right, The Secret Heiress was HORRIBLE. As Scobberlotch commented the title was intriguing and […]

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