Vexing the Viscount, by Emily Bryan

vexing_the_viscount2I have been putting a real dent in my TBR pile, most recently with Vexing the Viscount by Emily Bryan. I won a copy on Cheryl’s Book Nook (with Ms. Bryan’s signature!) right before the release date – after only blogging a month I won something! This is definitely a hobby I want to keep up ;)

Vexing the Viscount was a fun read with an engaging treasure hunting and romance story line. If you like similar story lines, it reminded me of Catherine Coulter’s Legacy series (Valentine Legacy was my fave).

Here is the summary:

Daisy Drake is leading a double life! By day, she’s Lucian Beaumont’s unwanted assistant and by night, she masquerades as the masked courtesan, Blanche La Tour, a Frenchwoman who agreed to give Lucian lessons in sensual love! 

There’s only one problem. Daisy speaks fluent French and can read ancient Latin without moving her lips, but she doesn’t know the first thing about the pleasures of the flesh!

Good thing she has the real Blanch La Tour’s very explicit memoirs for guidance.

Lucian Beaumont, Viscount Rutland, longs to see his family’s standing returned to its glory days, before his father lost their fortune. And he thinks he can manage it, if he can only discover the hiding place of an ancient Roman payroll.

Daisy never forgot her girlhood fascination with Lucian, even though his father has a score to settle with her uncle. Now that they’re all grown up, she’s determined to help the viscount find his Roman treasure. Whether he wants her help or not!

Check out my thoughts after the jump:

The narrative started out a bit clunky for me, with opening scenes feeling a little choppy, but I think that’s because I hadn’t read the first book in the series introducing us to Daisy and Lucian as children in Pleasuring the Pirate. As I read further the back story was explained much better and things flowed smoothly after a chapter or two.

I really enjoyed Daisy’s proven intelligence, there were many scenes and situations where we the reader were shown her smarts as opposed to just being told. I especially liked that she was BETTER at Latin than Lucian!

I also liked the parallels of sexual growth, between Daisy discovering intimate things about herself for the first time through Madame La Tour’s diary, and then she and Lucian both experiencing and learning about their sexuality together. The way Bryan set up the hero to be inexperienced and how that affected his relationship with Daisy was a breath of fresh air.

As I mentioned I loved the treasure hunting adventure story line, I think I read the whole book in maybe two sittings, I couldn’t wait to find out what happened next! Without any spoilers I will say the conflict with the treasonous villains was resolved a little too gruesomely (and too sad for Lucian) for me, but I adored the risk Lucian took for Daisy during the final fight scene. What a statement he made about how much he cared for her when he protected her like that! Actions definitely speak louder than words!

I would recommend Vexing the Viscount and will definitely be picking up Pleasuring the Pirate next! I love a good pirate story, as you know Gentle Rogue is my favorite romance of all time!


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  2. I really enjoyed the fact that Lucian was a virgin hero, too.

    Great review! I’ve linked to it here.

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