YEE HAW Friday Finds (March 20)


HOWDY PARDNERS!  This Lusty Reader is about to giddyup and leave my greenhorn status in the dust for my first trip ever to Texas! I’m visiting the hubby’s grandparents in Houston and am looking forward to TWO BIG EVENTS:
  1. Rodeo/Brooks n Dunn – After four years of college in North Carolina we joked constantly about going to the rodeo but I never made it. Thank God I saved my FIRST RODEO experience for Houston. It is the BIGGEST, the BEST, and the BADDEST ASSEST. Plus Brooks ‘n Dunn is playing a concert at the rodeo the night that we are going. I’ll be in front, doin the Boot Scootin Boogie in my Rainbow flip flops.
  2. Twilight!!! I’ve been saving the first two Twilight books that my sister gave me since Christmas for when I knew I would be undisturbed for a long time. At home hubby is always trying to talk to me or get under my petticoats, ugh, so annoying when I’m trying to read. So I am REALLY looking forward to the long flight and maybe lazing by the pool so I can read her presents.

Here’s what I rounded up for my Friday Finds:

  • Pleasuring the Pirate, by Emily Bryan – after really liking Vexing the Viscount that I won, I’ll def be checking out her backlist.
  • A Constant Heart, by Siri Mitchell – I read about this on Nise’s Teaser Tuesday, but will ONLY get it if it has a happy ending. Anybody know? I’ve never read anything by Ms. Mitchell before but I think I’ll like her.

You haven’t seen the last of my western slang. I will def be posting about this weekend on Monday, especially about my thoughts on the Twilight Books! Hope y’all have a rip-roarin weekend!


2 Responses

  1. So jealous! Have a great trip!
    I’ve heard Pleasuring the Pirate is good but I haven’t read it.

  2. Thanks Cheryl! Glad to hear a positive word-of-mouth rumor about PtP. My library doesn’t have it so I’m gonna have to buy it!

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