We had us a hog-killin’ time

*Note: no hogs were hurt in the writing of this blog

High school in the suburbs of Chicago did not prepare me for the culture shock of college in North Carolina (sweet tea and cheerwine what? how do i not have 89324 cavities?). Similarly, Winston-Salem did not prepare me for the Lone Star State. In all my born days I ain’t never seen the likes o’ the folk at the Houston Rodeo.

I LOVED it, had a fabulous time, especially as I had plenty of undisturbed travel time to read 1200 pages of Edward and Bella’s angst. I had to hush hubby a few times, but I got through both Twilight and New Moon before the plane touched down back in DC!

My favorite souvenir is my program with the line up of all the rodeo participants. Their names were priceless. Cowboy names definitely differ from the wacky Southern names I was exposed to in school.

For anyone writing romance novels and looking for good cowboy names, my favorites were:

  • Cade Swor
  • Clint Cannon
  • Bud Munns
  • Dusty LaValley
  • The roping team Chance Kelton and Rich Skelton (imagine hearing Kelton and Skelton multiple times over the speakers!)

And last, but certainly not least, when this name was announced I thought it was the name of the bull he was about to ride:

Howdy Cloud

Luckily hubby’s aunt dressed the part so I didn’t have to ask random strangers to pose in their outfits. I don’t think they would have liked that.

Her belt jingled when she walked

Her belt jingled when she walked

Surprisingly my sundress and Rainbow flippers didn’t make me stand out as much as I thought I would. The crowd was amazingly diverse. I DID fit in 100% when I was eating a corn dog the size of my ARM (smallest size) but you will not be seeing any pics of that.



Our dinky point-and-shoot camera doesn’t quite capture the moment, nor how great our seats were. His family has season tickets at Reliant Stadium where the rodeo was held (the Houston Texans play there, yeah they’re an NFL team, I was not familiar with them). Also, did you know that the Astrodome is condemned? It was right next door and didn’t look any worse than RFK to me!


PS: 60 THOUSAND people were there, this was the championship (they can make over $300K a year winning these events) and that was just above the average size crowd for the past 19 days, so it wasn’t just cuz Brooks n Dunn were playing that night! How in tarnation had I been missing out on such a great time?


7 Responses

  1. I personally love the rodeo and I’m so happy you had a chance to experience it! I haven’t been in years but i DID make it to the Monster Truck Show last month with Pho (a must-see). The blog is looking great! I can’t wait to talk Edward/Bella dramaz with you once you’re done with the series!!!

  2. Thanks Becca! I’m working on my write up about the Twilight Dramaz right now…we will DEF talk soon!!11!!11

  3. That’s right- I take Rebecca to classy things.

  4. yeah right. didn’t you also take her the Charlestown racists and sluts, oooops i mean races and slots?

    ps: i secretly wanted to get andrew tickets to the monster truck show and surprise him, but then i forgot. good story, huh?

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