And so the lion fell in love with the lamb

Stayed up way too late watching Twilight the movie and the second DVD with all the special features. I just signed up for Twitter and was tweeting as I watched, so instead of re-writing anything, here are my thoughts as they happened (in 140 characters or less of course!):


  1. now that i’ve read midnight sun and twilight i think i’m ready for the Twilight movie. ALWAYS gotta read the book version first!
  2. just pressed play on twilight. first meeting with jacob was super awkward…due to their bad acting together
  3. r patz american accent sounds sooo fake
  4. is esme the same actress who was the crazy chick from greys anatomy? you know the amnesia patient that karev had a thing with?
  5. wtf he just called her a spider monkey. that is not sexy nor romantic
  6. yay lots more kissing in the movie than in the book
  7. sad that its 10:20 and hubby’s still not home from work. but that means i can watch disc 2 special features without him harumphing!
  8. can’t decide my favorite scene, when edward rolled the apple up into his hands like the cover? or all the kissing scenes?

The visual rendering was brilliant, so many of the scenes I played in my head while reading were only enhanced by the good old Hollywood magic.


But too many good parts were left out, and sometimes my imagination was far superior of what ended up on the screen.


What surprised me the most was that I really liked Kristen Stewart as Bella. I thought she said her lines a too fast a lot and she had some awkward acting moments, but she was my favorite actor in the movie. I think my opinion was prejudiced by Perez Hilton’s snarkiness towards her, but I thought she was fabulous.


And she has super-great-cute-brown-hair. I heart her hair.


2 Responses

  1. I think it was because of Perez that I didn’t care for Kristen Stewart. She just didn’t have the glow and special something that the character had on paper. I did laugh when I her R Patz’s English lilt come blaring through though. Can’t wait to see him as Dali later this year!
    I agree that for the most part the film version was pretty good. They captured the anticipation that Bella felt when getting the chance to kiss Edward pretty well.

  2. HELLO!?? Did you totally miss the best part of the entire movie (in my opinion, of course!)??? Carlile. Sweet mercy, he’s a total DILF.

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