What’s with today, today?

While technically these events didn’t happen today, I’m still using that line from Empire Records. Really what I want to say, is what’s with my Universe of Loved Ones?

That movie had a happy ending, right? That’s what I need right now…

That or my Lisa Frank trapper keeper from 2nd grade! Smiling-bubble-cartoon-neon-colored animals and rainbows were an instant happiness improvement :


 Well actually maybe that only worked when I was 7. Being upset over spelling socks as “sox” on a spelling test (what I’m from Chicago) isn’t quite as heavy as life at 25.

Something is out of balance; bad health has struck my nearest and dearest. 

What I didn’t mention before is that our epic trip to Houston was overshadowed by Hubby’s grandmother being carted away to the hospital the moment we arrived. We were able to visit her several times and while she is doing better, we know it was only one of many stints she has had, and will have more.

My bestest bestie called last night – in a recent appointment her doctor found something requiring minimal surgery; but may have other scary issues.

The sweetest, nicest, most supportive mom of one of my closest friends was just diagnosed with breast cancer.

Hubby’s eye doctor appointment yesterday uncovered “something unusual” that needs further examination by a specialist.

I don’t want to share any details, but the outlook is super positive in all these situations so I’m not at a freak out point and realize there is no use worrying about something you can’t control and will most likely be just fine.

I just wanted to breifly acknowldge these are the people nearest to my heart in the world… I love them and am praying for them.

And am sending Lisa Frank happy thoughts too.


Now off the library for a stack of romance novels with happy endings…


5 Responses

  1. Um.

    I had that EXACT Trapper Keeper in 6th grade. I’m 99% sure.

  2. Aw I hope your loved ones get better soon!

  3. Thanks Pho, I appreciate it!

  4. I’ll send Lisa Frank happy thoughts too!

  5. Happy thoughts in a Lisa Frank balloon seem infinitely better than any other kind somehow. Thanks Meghan!

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