Friday Finds (April 3)

friday_findsI’m going to be honest (hey why not, I’m anonymously posting on a blog less than 30 people read), I’m probably not going to read any of these Friday Finds soon.

I have decided that for the next three weeks I’m reading my old favorites, my comfort reads, my go to get-high-on-romance-like-whoa top shelf books. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t stumble across some good recommendations this week so I can participate in Friday Finds at Should Be Reading! They’ll just have a wait a bit while I get my snuggle on with my golden oldies…

Anybody Out There? by Marion Keyes – saw this on Jess’ Friday Finds last week. What IS it with me picking titles that are questions? I had two Kinsella’s like that recently too. Weird. Would you believe I have never read anything by Keyes? Her backlist sounds like it will be right up my alley.

The Help, by Kathryn Stockett – Lisa of Books and Cooks is a southern gal, and although I don’t think it was a “bad thing” I was raised in the North, I am sad I didn’t discover the fabulosity of the South until my freshman year of college in North Carolina. So now to make up for all those years I LURVE reading books set in the South and Lisa’s review sounded intriguing.

Son of the Morning, by Linda Howard – Sometimes I choose books based on my fantasies. When my own imagination only gets me so far, I turn to a talented author to create the story my own mind can’t. I love reading historical romance so I can imagine myself in big frilly dresses with bows, corsets, diamonds in my hair, and a feathered fan. I wish I could travel back in time but I can’t… good thing there are plenty of romance novels written about modern day women time traveling!

I posted my fantasy on the message boards of All About Romance and the LOVELY LADIES there had some great recs for time traveling heroines, but Son of the Morning was the most popular one. This will be the only new-to-me book I’ll read in the near future.

Wish this was me (those of you who know me IRL know just how appropriate this is):


Queen Charlotte, portrait by Gainsborough


19 Responses

  1. Anybody Out There?” is on my wish list too because of Jess! I do wish you’d include covers in your post…

  2. Shoot, it looks like I forgot to close my italics! (Hope this works.)

  3. I will DEFINITELY include covers from here on out. I don’t know why I was so lazy ;) Thanks!

  4. Yay, thank you! I must admit that I’m less likely to read and/or comment on posts that don’t include covers. I’m a visual person and am much more likely to remember a book based on its cover than its title. (Not that that helps me much when I get to the bookstore and want to buy the book!)

  5. I am SO the same way, remembering books by the cover. It gets so confusing when the hard cover vs paperback are totally different.

  6. Thanks so much for choosing one of my selections — that is so great. I just started Anybody Out There and it is very good — I hope you get to it soon. If you write a review for it let me know I will link your review to mine when it is done.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Oooh, I’m so glad to hear you’re already enjoying Anybody Out There! I’m going to try and read it in the next month or two…

  8. I love Friday Finds but I get overwhelmed by all the great books-there jusy isn’t enough time.

  9. I hear ya Cheryl…there isn’t enough time and I hate feeling “overwhelmed” by something I love. Reading is about PLEASURE (hehe) not work.

  10. Sometimes you just need to go back to the tried and trues :) Enjoy them. I get overwhelmed with all the new books that come out. I feel the need to get them and read them immediately and it totally stresses me out.

  11. These sound good – I haven’t read anything by Marion Keyes yet, but I have had her on my list for awhile. I also just put The Help on my list and have always heard how great Son of the Morning is.

  12. You are a busy bee! Where do you find all this time??

  13. I’ve read wonderful reviews of The Help. I hope to read it soon.

  14. Ti: we are so on the same page (pun intended). tried and trues here i come!

    Crystal: so glad to hear you have hear positive things about my picks! that makes me more excited to finally get to them. Son of the Morning arrives in the mail on Monday!

    Lilu: i reverse commute from logan circle to ballston. sigh. i get a LOT of reading done on the bus/metro. luckily i love my job AND reading so it works out well ;)

    Bookfan: i only just heard about The Help this week, apparently I am behind the times, but glad to hear you’ve read good things about it too!

  15. Great finds there LR! I like how you provide a little description about where you came across your Friday Finds. Very clever.

  16. I like to think I’m going to read mine soon but really…

  17. You do read a lot.

  18. Son of the Morning has a permanent place on my all time favorite single titles list. I found it on the shelf of a beach house we rented years ago and, even though our demon spawn would be awake bright and early, I stayed up most of the night reading it because it was not physically possible for that book to leave my hands without finishing it.

    And when you’re done with that, head to Karen Marie Moning’s Highlanders series for more time travel romance. The print books, while less than historically accurate, are great escapist fantasy, but I highly recommend the audio books instead.. The narrator, Phil Gigante, breathes life into the characters with his eargasmically brilliant performances.

  19. […] Wife, by Audrey Niffenegger – Ok, I am super behind the times in not reading this, right? As I mentioned last week I am looking for time travel books, and after browsing on Amazon this popped up as a recommended […]

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