Happy Easter!

My mom decorates the front door and front hallway of our house for each season and each holiday. She even has Valentine’s day ones. I recently realized that I have taken that tradition, but imposed it on our dog. So here is the resident mutt in her Easter frippery:


Don’t worry, she got those ears back…


And as a bonus, here is her adorableness at Christmas. Why not throw all the high holidays in here at once…


I swear we aren’t those people you know, who dress up their dogs. Because a of all, the antlers and bunny ears were gifts from our parents, and b of all we put them on her once to take a picture for posterity’s sake. No really, we’re not!

5 Responses

  1. Awww! She’s so adorable! They always do seem to get us back. lol

  2. Dont worry… my parents’ Yorkie wears antlers EVERY SINGLE Christmas. You are not alone.

  3. Chris: they are smarter than we think!

    LiLu: sounds like we’re in good company then ;)

  4. isn’t she though? sometimes i just want to squeeze her till her head pops off.

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