Color me surprised

Remember that SATC episode where Carrie’s dress is held hostage by a dry cleaner that is always closed when she needs it? Well not only did one CLOSE on my street here in DC with all the clothes locked inside 4eva, but my library also plotted against me, keeping my much anticipated on-hold books prisoner by closing early on Friday.

They are open until NINE PM every weekday, so when I got the email Friday morning saying mine were ready I was all set to head over after work at 5:30. But they closed at 5. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth as I could not claim my The Time Traveler’s Wife and Nora Roberts’ Born in Ice.

So without them this weekend I was forced to entertain myself with fancy dinner with friends at Logan Tavern(I got the filet mignon), 3 hour Easter Vigil Mass (yay bonfire and candles in church), yummy wheat beer at The Saloon (on U Street, we do NOT go out in Georgetown),  too many liquor drinks at The Gibson (we were the last out at 3am), and waking up at 1pm on Sunday only to watch 5 hours of the Master’s.

I have a tough life when I have nothing to read, obvi.

But when I DID get to the lib yesterday after work my eyes bugged out of my head as the librarian handed me my books. Um HELLO? Time Traveler’s Wife is HUGE (that’s what she said). No really, the book is giant, I was super surprised. Look here, see for yourself (Marley & Me used as comparison to show true ginormity):


I do not have a problem with long books or anything, in fact I prefer them since I read so quickly, but I didn’t realize what a time investment it would be to read, or what a space investment it would be to lug around in my work purse all week. Might have to save this one for the weekend…


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  1. The paperback is — no duh — smaller, but it is a hefty read. I think I got through it in about two days, Christmas ’07. It’s also a great read, and a great book.

  2. My clothes were once held prisoner when the laundrymat had a FIRE, and I eventually got my clothes back, ust with odd bits of melted plastic stuck to towels. That was after 3 weeks of wondering if I should jsut go ahead and buy new things.

  3. Malnurtured Snay: wow 2 days? maybe if i was TOTALLY uninterrupted, but it sounds like it is worth it, so many good recs

    Art: ugh, what a nightmare! i mean the shop closing down unexpectedly with your stuff inside is bad, but fire is the WORST.

  4. I’ve heard that one is amazing! But I “hear” a lot of things…


  5. i have four books in my nighstand i need to dig into and the new jen lancaster book is coming out soon

  6. Lilu: word-of-mouth is always a helpful indication! i take it into consideration MUCH more than serious book reviews a la nytime etc.

    zipcode: ooooh i’ve heard a lot about jen lancaster, but ultimately that her books made her seem unlikable. i haven’t ever read any though…

  7. […] I am running out the door with my surprisingly ginormous copy of The Time Traveler’s Wife as hubby and I head on vacation to celebrate our 6 month […]

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