Lusty romance in the recession

All my romance book blogs have reported on this extensively, and my blogger friends (and real life ones too [yes i have those])) have been faboosh about sending me these links as well. In case you missed it:

Romance Novels Are Having the Best Week Ever!

Ok well maybe not week, but I love that show.

Because I have no idea how to upload a video into a blog post I’m gonna just copy and paste this dirty, messy, long link and not clean it up or even make it tiny:

That is a video of ABC News Nightline’s segment on the fabulosity of romance novels, and how they’re selling like hotcakes (hot bods?), better than any other genre in the bookish world.

I don’t care if it’s a recession or not, I ALWAYS want a happy ending, but in this New York Times article (among others), that seems to be the main conjecture as to why their sales are still going strong. I guess like how more babies are conceived in the winter cuz there is nothing else to do? Does that even make sense as a comparison? Why am I still talking?

I’m going to let these articles do the talking for me.

Also if you want to see Paul Rudd reading the lusty bits aloud: you’re welcome.

Also you are welcome for exposing your corneas this:



4 Responses

  1. If you love the romance novels, go to my blog and click on my link to “an amazing author and friend Amanda Brice” she is in this group called Romance Divas

  2. OMG zipcode you KNOW her??? she has been alll over my book blogs that i read. now i can’t remember where i saw it but i have totally heard about her new release “Tap & Gown” several different places. i will def check her out ;)

  3. ok i just figured out where i saw it, wow never knew there was a “Search” feature on google reader. THAT makes things much easier to find. here is the link to the great review i just read:

  4. These are the articles I was looking for (via Twitter)! Thanks so much for posting and don’t feel you have to respond to my @request. Love your blog; not a huge romance reader myself but I love living vicariously through you!

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