Mailbox Monday (April 20)

Thank you to Marcia at The Printed Page for hosting Mailbox Monday! What new books arrived in your mailbox this week?

This is my first time joining in with this meme as most of my books come from the library, but when I received TWO SHIPMENTS of reading treasures in one day last week I knew I needed to join in!!!

Pulling these out of the boxes and making them into a pile made me soo happee:


 The first three come from the Better than Chocolate Book Co. When hubby brought in the mail with the two boxes he gave me the evil eye as we are trying the be thrifty and he knows me buying books is a steep, slippery slope. BUT I got THREE books from Better than Chocolate for TWELVE (12) dollars. I was very mature and stuck my tongue out at him, bragging that my books cost as much as his lunch from Cosi.

They are a great, online, used book store that I would highly recommend. I bought:

  • Born in Ice, by Nora Roberts: I am going through a rereading phase and this was one of the first romance novels that I ever read. And sobbed along with. Why did I EVER donate it back in the day?
  • Night Magic,by Karen Robards: Same thing, I borrowed it from the library wayyy back in high school and remembered really liking it. Plus I was craving a spy, action, romance, story that still has the all important happily-ever-after.
  • Son of Morning, by Linda Howard: OK this one is entirely new to me. I’ve posted about this before but I keep fantasizing about time travel, but my own imagination is a little lonely and short-sighted on this one. When I asked for recommendations this was THE MOST recommended time travel romance. I will definitely be reading it this week!

These books came from Amazon. The first two were recommended to me by other bloggers, but if I got one more book my shipping would be free, so I threw in the third that was recommended by Amazon. I’m a little iffy on that one:

  • The Mirror, Marlys Millhiser: This one sounded a bit moire “fantastical” than my typical preference but the reviews were soooo good. Here is the blurb: A 20-year-old Boulder girl stares into her grandmother’s Chinese mirror on her wedding day in 1978, faints and comes to in her grandmother’s body–in 1900–about to be married to a miner. As she moves through life, even giving birth to her own mother, she becomes known as a fairly decent seer. Had she paid more attention in school, she would have been a great one.
  • Hundreds of Years to Reform a Rake, by Laurie Brown: My favorite romance novel plot line is rakes of the Ton reformed by clever heroines, so add that plus time travel? Sign me up!
  • Into Thin Air, by Cindy Miles: So this was the “free shipping” book. My expectations are that it is true fluff. But I always need that to read on the metro. Here is the blurb: After centuries of protecting lost souls, modern-day earthbound angel Gawan of Conwyk is a month shy of retirement (into blessed mortality) when a new case drops in his lap—or, more specifically, onto the road to his ancient, spirit-inhabited castle. When he finds Ellie stumbling in the rain, she doesn’t know who she is or how she got to the north of England; as it turns out, she’s more dead than alive, a corporeal projection fluttering about betwint the living and the unliving. To help her, Gawan’s got to track down her real body and solve the mystery of her near death, but he knows that once he saves her life, she’ll forget him—a matter complicated by Gawan’s discovery that she’s his one-and-only soul mate.

9 Responses

  1. Wow!!! Nice haul. My post is up!!

  2. Two shipments in one day—lucky you!

  3. Fun :D Good loot
    Happy reading

  4. Thanks Ladies, this is such a fun meme! I loved looking at your Mailbox Mondays too!

  5. You had a good week. I know how you feel when you see your books in a pile like that. Happy reading.

  6. Must have felt like a birthday!! Happy reading!

  7. Welcome to Mailbox Monday! It’s fun to see what everyone got. It looks like you have some great books. Enjoy!

  8. I love love LOVE packages! No matter what’s inside… it’s always like a mini Christmas. :-)

  9. bermudaonion: something about seeing them all lined up, just a visual for all the reading adventures to come! i leave them in that pile until i have read them all!

    bookfan: definitely birthday, it was a special event day with two boxes of books!

    wrighty: thanks for the welcome! i don’t order too often, but will def be joining again soon.

    lilu: i love “packages” too, heh heh. no really, it reminds me of being at summer camp and if you got a letter or a package it made your day!

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