Marley and Me by John Grogan

marley-and-meI read Marley and Me over the Christmas holidays (glad I started keeping track of what I read otherwise I would never remember!) And YES I read it when the movie came out, how pop culture of me, I can’t claim to be avant garde in this instance. I had heard about the book for years but never picked it up, and seeing the movie trailer was the final impetus to actually read it. I NEVER see a movie without reading the book first. My personal rule.

I really liked the book, it read sort of like one of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” books, and I thought Grogan did a great job tying together all the little anecdotes and vignettes into a smooth story line. Including so much about his family’s struggles and developments made it more poignant and interesting to me, above and beyond a “funny dog book.” Although sometimes I got the same feeling I got when I read Nanny Diaries or The Devil Wears Prada: just quit already! Some of the stories about Marley was sooo horrible it seemed masochistic to keep him! But as a dog lover myself I know those puppy eyes trump everything. “B grade” overall for me, I would definitely read it again.

Why I am posting about this now when I read the book months ago? Well because we netflixed the movie this weekend and almost every scene was a MAJOR WTF moment for me, and I ranted and raved at the screen.

Hubby started televiserphonernetting (why did Comcast stop with those commercials, they were genius) and paid almost no attention to the movie or to me as he had no point of reference for my diatribe having not read the book or chosen to rent the movie…it was my turn to pick. I think he actually fell asleep cuddling his MacBook and Blackberry halfway through.

I was pissed off at how many times the movie deviated from what actually happened. Look, I know the movie is NEVER the same as the book, like the Harry Potter movies have changed SO MANY things from the plots in the books, but that’s exactly what they were for HP – PLOTS! As in FICTION!

But Marley and Me is NOT FICTION, so HOW CAN YOU CHANGE THE STORY IF IT IS TRUE? Ok deep breaths, step away from the caps lock key.

Everything from how they picked Marley out the litter, why he is a crazy dog, where Grogan worked, his wife’s pregnancies, to how Marley died were all different in the movie. This was absolutely retarded to me, and reinforces that Hollywood is full of idiots who can’t think of original story lines and just ruin it when they adapt other people’s ideas anyways.

At a party this weekend I mentioned I had seen the movie to someone and they asked how I liked it, they got a face-full of the rant above. Their response? “Wait, Marley and Me is a true story?” **insert WTF face again**

What is this world coming to??? I mean I know I read A LOT and that I pay more attention to new book releases and reviews that the average person, but am I a total book snob to think this person is a crazy troglodyte not to have known it is a true story?!?!?

Again, this is exactly why I started this blog earlier this year. Plus now hubby is much happier that he doesn’t have to hear quite as much about my reading adventures as I now have the interwebs as an audience.


5 Responses

  1. (first off: yay! hi! it was so fun to meet you!)

    soooo i didn’t know marley and me was based on a true story. HOWEVER, i also usually hate cheesy contrived hollywood love story movies, which i thought the movie was, so i refused to learn anything about it and/or see it. i’m not sure if that absolves me or makes it worse :-)

    i have a hard and fast “read it before you see it” rule too, but it’s mainly a holdover from childhood when my parents wouldn’t let me see movies until i’d read the book :-)

  2. Hi Alice, so fun to meet you too! Your reason for not knowing makes it a teensy bit better, but still shameful IMO. And it sounds like your parents instilled very important principles in you!

  3. (really nice to meet you Saturday. i’m forever grateful that someone else knew about Kiefer tackling a tree)

    I love that rule about reading the book first. I’ve got a pretty vivid imagination. But if I’ve already seen how the images appeared via someone else’s imagination, it makes it really difficult to formulate my own images. I just can’t do it.

  4. Hi f. B, so good to meet you too! and great minds think alike, i am so with you about the imagination thing. mine is overactive, well exercised, and generates images and scenes much better on its own.

  5. Thanks for coming Saturday, love!

    I can’t believe you sat through that movie… you are braver than I! :-)

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