Romance Novel perfume stick?

Yes there is a question mark in that title. I was intrigued when I came across Lemon Lollipop’s perfume with the scent titled as “Romance Novel.” But what makes it smell like a romance novel? Or are you supposed to smell like the romance novel heroine? OR maybe it attracts the romance novel HERO!!!?


Apparently it contains citrus, ginger, lily of the valley, rose, gardenia, sandalwood, and sheer white musk.

Now any good romance novel reader worth her salt would recognize sandalwood as a the MOST OVERUSED scent in the genre. Typically for the Alpha Hero, and rose is a close second for the heroines. Maybe we need Lillian Bowman from one of my favorite romances, Kleypas’ It Happened One Autumn to analyse it for us…

I am one of those people who is an advertisers dream, I want the shiny things on the front table of the store, and I have to admit I sorta want this just cuz it says romance novel. I’m going to restrain myself from ordering it, but heaven forbid I see it on the counter next to the cash register as I WILL ask the cashier to add it to my bag…


7 Responses

  1. No! Don’t be a consumer whore! Resist the shiny objects!

    And if you don’t get the movie reference you need to watch more short films.

  2. I could cheat and tell you I got the movie reference, but really I just googled it.

    I am a consumer whore for the benefit of our economy, just being a good American…

  3. hee, i don’t even READ romance novels and i still want that. i want to smell like a romance novel heroine! or, you know, get ravished and stuff!

  4. Haha, then it’s good advertising on their part. OK fine, your interest has only served to egg mine on, I am now GOING to buy it!

  5. Know what makes it “romantic” it’s the scent Gardenia…if you ever get a chance to smell it “raw”…the flower will do, I know you will agree. Drives men crazy…I know…I’m old enough to remember a scent called “Jungle Gardenia”…just to think about it makes me lusty …try it…let me know?

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