Dead and Gone, by Charlaine Harris

dead-and-gone-coverI’m all wrapped up in the true joyfulness of squeeing fandom, so this post might have some incoherent bits.  I won’t write ANY spoilers though, I promise.

I called the closest bookstore to my house last week and put a copy of Dead and Gone on hold. It came out today and the store opened at 8am. Guess where I was at 8:05? You guessed it! Literally my hands were shaking (I was going to say I was quivering, but that word is forever banned after a lifetime of reading romance novels) with excitement. I don’t even know why I bothered coming into work today…

I loved Dead and Gone, it is my second favorite book of the series after Dead to the World. A- grade for them both!

I was a speed-reader with the Harry Potter books, so I can’t remember which one to specifically compare Dead and Goneto, but this book definitely had a darker edge, similar to the turn the HP series took as well. Again NO SPOILERS but two characters who are not enemies do die and I experienced the same feeling I got when Dumbledore died…are they REALLY DEAD? (or haha “definitely dead”? inside Sookie joke!!! fist bump to all the other fans! [i told u i wasn’t going to be making sense]) With magic books I always have this little kernel of hope.

I’m still in denial about Dumbledore.

 Sookie’s life, personality, town, goals, future, you name it…will never be the same. This book was a real turning point in her character and as it’s narrated in first person we the reader saw the largest amount of progression in her character arc.

Harris’ neat turns of phrase expressing Sookie’s wry humor and sharp observations, even about herself, still stand out to me after 9 books in the series. Sometimes Sookie’s voice annoys me, but for the most part she will make me LOL. Like when Sookie’s boss Sam pisses her off while they are working together at his bar, Merlotte’s:

“I’m sorry,” he said, but it was too late. I was on my high horse and I was riding it out of Merlotte’s. I was out the back door before our heaviest drinker could have counted to five.

The delightful Janet over at Dear Author also wrote an excellent review with many of the quotes that stood out to me while I was reading it as well.

I have invested emotionally in Sookie, and definitely want a happily ever after ending for her, and usually I try to find out BEFORE I heavily invest in a book whether it is a series or involves a love triangle/quadrangle/ etc because I want instant gratification *bangs spoon on table in toddler tantrum* and I want it now! Sigh, too late now, after buying all 9 books her romantic life is NO CLEARER.

The main love triangle is between Bill, Eric, and Sookie and Bill vs Eric fans take things pretty seriously. It bears repeating from an earlier post I wrote about this, but HBO’s tv series based on the books made me in favor of Bill, while the books themselves have me leaning completely towards Eric.

Either way Dead and Gonehas bits that will make both Bill AND Eric fans happyish, but again, no resolution, not even CLOSE.

I’m sure Ms. Harris has something fabulous brewing in her brain, but we’ll all just have to wait another year until the next book comes out!!!!

[EDITED TO ADD] Ugh, totally forgot two things, my b.

1.  One secondary story line follows a murder and I totally knew who the murderer was this time. Usually Harris has been able to keep it from me, but this time it wasn’t as suspenseful

2. The info dumping (ie explanations of sci-fi fantasy world/rules, backstories, etc) was not as bad in this book as it has been in others. When we are introduced to the depths of the Fae kingdom, their history, hierarchy, powers, motivations, etc  these are painted in world building conversations and observations that flow more smoothly into the narration.

Seriously this alternate world is so believable, I can’t help but wonder if the Japanese really ARE creating synthetic blood?!!! I might start carrying some silver, iron, and lemon juice just in case!


5 Responses

  1. And that was my handwriting on the hold slip. Oh yeah.

  2. Ugh, I should have asked to keep it!

  3. Would’ve made a good bookmark!

  4. I just finished it a few minutes ago! I thought it was awesome, I loved it. I had no idea on the killer though…well I suspected the 2nd part but not the first (if that makes sense, I’m trying not to spoil it for anyone either!). Anyway, loved the book. and I love Eric. *sigh* lol

  5. Yay team Eric! I just don’t know how they could ever end up together though, I mean he is a vampire and will live forever, and she is human and will die. On her website CH says she would never make Sookie into a vampire, thank God, so that makes me think she will ultimately end up with a were or shifter.

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