Trivia I learned from books Vol. 4

Every now and then in the 782354 books I read I’ll come across a phrase, word, or noun that seems like I should know what it is, but I don’t. The author slipped it in like it was common knowledge and there are some context clues, but I need to know more! So off to Google and Wikipedia I go!

Even though I know what it means when a Hero is “pinked” in a fencing duel at dawn in Hyde Park, or what a doppelganger is, or I recognize the romantic quote “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine” from the Bible…in my recent reads I ran across a few new-to-me bits of trivia:

1. Rilke: as in “Henry was known to quote Rilke to aid in expressing himself.”

From the context in Time Traveler’s Wife I figured Rilke was some type of rainer_maria_rilkewriter, but I hadn’t heard of him before. I didn’t feel too bad about that since I didn’t like Henry very much and thought he came off as a trying-too-hard-hipster, but I looked up Rilke to see what I was missing out on. According to his Wikipedia page he was a famous 20th Century German poet, traveling across Eastern Europe, Russia, and finally settling in Switzerland. He met Leo Tolstoy, had a relationship with a woman student of Freud, and his writings were of a philosophical nature .

Yeah, that’s not really my style, but now I can sound more edumicated!

2. ankh: as in “Quinn arranged the giant ankh on the stage to prepare for the vampire wedding ceremony.”

credit radiowood2000 on Flickr

credit radiowood2000 on Flickr

So when I read this in All Together Dead it wasn’t the first time I had heard about an ankh, don’t worry, I’m not THAT out of it. But while I thought I knew what one was, I wanted to be sure, and also to understand what it symbolized. As soon as I looked it up it made TOTAL sense in that scene.

The ankh was an Egyptian hieroglyphic character for “eternal life.” Well duh, that would be good to use at a vampire ceremony.

3. Jimmy Smits: As in “The vampire entering Merlotte’s looked like a twin of Jimmy Smits.”

This was from one of the Sookie books, don’t ask me which one, I just read alljimmy_smits 9 of them in the past 7 days. I got NO context clues and I felt like an idiot for not recognizing that name , but when I checked out his IMDB page I didn’t feel so bad. I was a bit young to see him on L.A. Law, and I don’t watch NYPD Blue or The West Wing. That last sentence makes me sound un-American, oh well!


4. Rhodes, IL: as in “The vampire summit was being held in Rhodes, outside Chicago. Our hotel was right next to Lake Michigan!”

So I’m from outside Chicago and I couldn’t place where Rhodes was. I racked my brains, checked google maps, and mapquest for a Rhodes IL, Rhodes WI, or Rhodes IN.

Yeah, it’s a fictional place. FML.

I feel dumb.

I mean I knew Bon Temps, LA didn’t exist either, but with Dallas, Shreveport, and New Orleans all being featured, my brain was on “non fictional cities” track.


4 Responses

  1. True Blood is coming back in June… god, I can’t wait to hear Bill’s voice again!

  2. Thank you thank you thank you for giving me a place to finally admit that I didn’t watch NYPD Blue or The West Wing either.

  3. Lilu: Stephen Moyer is hot hot hot!

    f.B.: phew, glad we could both get that off our chests!

  4. yup! no clue who jimmy smits was either. or rilke. although i don’t feel too bad about eiter one ;-)

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