I don’t wear coke bottle glasses but I did get a Large Print book from the library

It was imperative that I get my grubby little mitts on Devilish by Jo Beverly as it was the last book in a series I was reading, but sadly my library did not have it. Then hark! For what did I spy in the online catalog? But the very title which I sought! Just in the “Large Print” section. Hmmmm I pondered, what would reading a large print book be like? Are they too big to hold comfortably? Would my eyes feel weird looking at the giant text?

After posing these questions to my genius e-friends on twitter I was met with a resounding, “Yes, read large print, it’s fine!”

So not 15 minutes after I started brooding upon the topic I sprang up from my office chair, flew to the elevator, and marched directly over to the library 2 blocks away from where I work.

Not only did I find Devilish but almost EVERY BOOK on the Large Print shelves was either romance or mystery in genre. There were very few other reading categories represented. I had a devilish time (hehehehehe) tearing myself away from the row upon row of ROMANCE AFTER ROMANCE book staring me in the face. But they were all hard cover and quite large so I knew I couldn’t walk out of there with very many.

Never having been to the LP section before I was shocked that they were almost all genre fiction. Why was that I pondered? Am I wrong in assuming that people with poor vision read large print? And that people with poor vision are usually old? Thus I concluded [with no data, research or facts] that old people love reading romance and detective stories.

Where do I sign up for the Nobel prize for that bit of logic?

Reading the large print was fine, it didn’t bother my eyes, and the book wasn’t that much bigger. I did notice the rhythm of my reading pace was different and it was a little disconcerting that I always seemed so far away from the end of the book since there were twice as many pages, but the main thing was I felt like I should be wearing coke bottle glasses. It was pretty obvious it was a large print book so I tried to hide the back cover while I was on the metro. Here is a picture with One For The Money used to show scale:


When I return it to the library I know I am going to feel a pull, the lure of the Large Print section where I can browse romance novels all lined up in a row, not having to search, with so many choices right before my eyes. It will be hard to resist, but I think LP’s will have to be reserved only when I must must have a title. Or for when I get old and can’t see.


9 Responses

  1. Yea, “One for the Money”. I love Janet Evanovich’s writing, and can’t wait to read #15. I’ve read the odd large print book and definitely understand that coke bottle glasses feeling.

    Very nice blog, btw :)

  2. Large print books scare me. True story.

  3. In the last few years, there’s been a movement to make large print books look more “normal” – they’re paperback, about the same size as the regular trade, but much thicker. Here’s an example:
    We’re probably going to see a lot more “updated” products for the elderly as baby boomers age!

  4. We at Harlequin like to be diplomatic and call them larger print. Because calling a spade a spade would be too simple!

  5. For the love of pics: I love Evanovich too! But recently I got burned out on her Stephanie Plums, they all started sounding similar with no end in sight.

    Mal Snay: I know, I am not very attracted to them and resolved on to read them when in a pinch

    Joanna: ooooh, good to know! and great point about the baby boomers…

    Olga: hahaha, great example of marketing sematics

  6. I have never tried reading a large print book but kudos for the idea. Next time I can’t find a novel I’ll resort to large print.


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  8. […] it I had to get it ASAP! so picked it up in Large Print, it is quite hefty. And no, that’s not the first time I’ve resorted to LP to assuage my need for instant […]

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