Friday Finds (May 15)

friday_finds_buttonWhat great books did you hear about or discover this week? Share with us at Friday Finds! Hosted by Miz B at Should Be Reading!


I will be reading lots this weekend as I only have two plans:

  1. Bridal shower in PA (one of my MANY romance related events this year)
  2. Going to our local dog-wash, LaundroMutt because they’re giving 50% off for BLACK DOGS!!!! What an amazing idea! I love DC. 

Here are my Friday finds, did you find anything good this week? Got any fun weekend plans, reading related or otherwise?

matchmaker of perigordThe Matchmaker of Perigord, by Julia Stuart: while browsing my library’s new release section the title popped out to me and I only had to read one line on the cover jacket blurb, “For any reader who adored Chocolat…” and that’s all I needed to see, sign me up!




WifeyWifey, by Judy Blume: Hate hate hate the title. no really i don’t like it, can you tell? Are you there Judy Blume? It’s me – wifey hater. Luckily my love for Ms. Blume and all her literary creations whether they be fudge, blubber, or otherwise supersedes my dislike for that word.

I loved her other adult novel Summer Sisters(even though the ending was a bit wonky) and didn’t realize she had written more! Besides Wifey there is also Smart Women, but it was already checked out of my library.

myhorizontallifeMy Horizontal Life, by Chelsea Handler- saw a good review by Olga on Get The To A Punnery, and oh dear God do I adore her blog name. I think Chelsea Handler is funny on her show, but to hear that she is funnier in her book about her sexcapades? Even better!

12 Responses

  1. I somehow don’t like Blume!

    Others seem good.

    Here is my find

  2. Thanks for the shout-out, Lusty Reader!

  3. I have had a serious craving for a good book. I just rushed through Angels&Demons so I could go see the movie this weekend. It was cool. But I need something well written… I think I’m going to reread my copy of Les Miserables.

  4. guatami: Blume got to me when I was younger, her YA books were addictive to me! I am still reserving judgement on her adult fiction, so we’ll see how Wifey is!

    Olga: anytime, I am STILL snickering over your blog name. seriously *giggle*

    f.B.: seriously? you like les mis??? i am mucho impressed. i liked the book, but much favored the musical…oh god now i have it stuck in my head [Who am IIIIIIIII Jean Valjean, 24601!]

    have you read The Count of Monte Cristo? It is in my top fave 5 books of ALL time.

  5. I loved Blume when I was a kid, will have to try some of her adult fare. Great finds!

  6. These all look interesting…they are all new to me!
    My find is here:

  7. Oh! I have always wanted to read Wifey.

    This weekend I plan to see Angels and Demons, the sequel to The Da Vinci Code. I didn’t care for the book (either one) but the first movie was pretty good.

  8. Jessica: I know, I can’t believe she is still writing!

    Jo-Jo: They look interesting, but let’s hope they ARE interesting to read!

    Ti: I completely agree. The Da Vinci Code might be the ONE movie where I would say I liked the movie better than the books. The action packed story line really translates better on screen than in writing.

  9. Oh, I absolutely agree: the musical trumps. It was the first and is the best musical I’ve ever seen. Reading the book, in a way, is just an excuse to remember the show.

    I haven’t read The Count… though. But you know what? I will. Because you said so.

  10. f.B. I am totes putting the Les Mis soundtrack on when I get home. Hubby is going to have to stuff it.

    I hope you like The Count of Monte Cristo! Hugo and Dumas have similar writing styles, the stories are set in the time period, and have the same epic saga feeling so that’s why I suggested it.

  11. I love that dog wash!!!!!!!!

  12. Hey thanks for the tip about My Horizontal Life. I think she’s hilarious and I had no idea the book even existed! :)

    As a side note – I loved Judy Blume as a young adult, but I can not abide any of her “grown-up” fiction – Wifey included. Hopefully, you will enjoy it more than I did.

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