Where there is no will, there is no power

I have no will power. I tried to trick myself into having some by saying, “Ok you are not allowed to slake your lust for reading until you write a good blog post.” (or 5)

So I managed not to read ONE SINGLE BOOK in the past 7 days ( a huge feat for me) but I certainly did not WRITE anything which was the whole point of denying myself. Why am I such a masochist? I did read 8273659 blog posts, 5243 wikipedia articles, 2 People Magazines, and 15 hours worth of Perez Hilton and TMZ.

My eyes hurt and my brain is mush.

I’m going to be even meaner to myself and make myself feel more guilty and proclaim that this post doesn’t really count, but I HAVE to start reading. mea culpa.

Mainly because last night I asked hubby to pick up some pork chops on his way home from work. I open the Whole Foods bag to start cooking and what is on top?


Am I lucky or what? His office building is right over a Border’s book store and on his way out he remembered I said I wanted this book, which also means he was listening when I was talking! This is rare, let me tell ya.

Also I am traveling to Chicago this weekend and need plenty to read since somehow I am always delayed in O’Hare. So I am a super nerd-bomber, my suitcase is heavy with all books. I’m also bringing these with me:



12 Responses

  1. it is SUPER hard to decide what books to bring on a trip. i always catch flak.

    in addition, that is such a stellar move on the hub’s part :)

  2. you can never have too many choices! i mean what if you look at your selection and don’t feel like reading ANY OF THEM? i think normal people feel this way about clothes, but i can’t imagine being stuck on a trip not having the right book to read.

    and he was pretty stellar last night ;)

  3. Pretty sure I met your husband then, last night, helping him find this book.

  4. what an effin crazy small world! he did tell me he had someone help him find it, that was TOTALLY him buying my surprise ;)

  5. Pork chops and books–sounds like my kind of man! Enjoy the Chelsea Handler book. :D

  6. I sweat that 4th Twilight book. I hate that I loved that series so much, but I just couldn’t put it down. Read the whole 4th one in 6 hours straight. Enjoy your flights :)

  7. Olga: it was a good combo. i’m halfway through Chelsea’s book and laughed out loud so much at the airport that the guy next to me at the gate moved…

    Danni: i think i love to hate the twilight books more than i hate to love them. i really don’t like them that much but feel compelled to finish the series. i feel stupider after reading them

  8. I loved My Horizontal Life… I laughed out loud on more than 1 occasion! It’s so nice that your hubby goes that extra mile! Have fun in Chicago!

  9. Your hubby is awesome! Little, thoughful things like that mean so very much…and have fun reading those Meyer books. I loved Eclipse…BD? Not so much; but it is interesting, still, and better written than the others (technically-speaking). I am looking forward to seeing what you think of them.

    Have a safe trip!

  10. and yes, I agree – I felt a little dumber after reading the Twilight books, too…

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  12. […] back on that now!) for the whole  year. I don’t do well with resolutions (see post on no willpower) so I just don’t make them, that way I can’t feel guilty about breaking them. This […]

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