May reading list

Books I read in May 2009 (one of these days I AM going to write a few reviews), you can also find my entire finished reading list over there on the side bar —–>

  1. To Catch an Heiress, Julia Quinn B+
  2. My Horizontal Life, Chelsea Handler B
  3. Rights of Spring Break, Diana Peterfreund A-
  4. Under the Rose, Diana Peterfreund B
  5. Secret Society Girl, Diana Peterfreund B
  6. Lord of Ice, Gaelan Foley A-
  7. Wifey, Judy Blume C
  8. The Matchmaker of Périgord, by Julia Stuart C
  9. Devilish, Jo Beverley B-
  10. My Lady Notorious, Jo Beverley A re-read
  11. The Laurentine Spy, Emily Gee B+
  12. Dead and Gone, Charlaine Harris A-
  13. Dead to the World, A- re-read
  14. Dead as a Doornail B re-read
  15. Definitely Dead B re-read
  16. All Together Dead B re-read
  17. From Dead to Worse B re-read

6 Responses

  1. Hmm. I think I might have to start doing this, too.

  2. you should you should you should! i’m so glad i started! otherwise i totes forget them all.

  3. all these dead books… are they like “crime” books? because i may need to check that out. i just got a new prey series novel (eeeeeeeeeeeee!)

    also? the previous post gave me the heebs because fingernail bending back is the WORST THING EVERRRRRR! just threw-upy in my mouth. and sorry about the traumatic event… i ran over a bunny *sniff* still makes me sad at the scene of the incedient.

    furthermore, cute headband and cute doggie!

  4. You are hard core my friend… hard core!

  5. You make me feel so lame. I vaguely remember what a book is…

  6. mylittlebecky: what blasphemy is this? Those “Dead books” as you so disparagingly called them are the SOOKIE STACKHOUSE southern vampire mysteries series covered in awesome sauce. get on the sookie train immediately.

    reederscorner: it’s easy to be hardcore when it’s so fun

    lilu: you being lame is not possible in my world.

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