Bookshelf pr0n

Fellow DC blogger and bibliophile Malnurtured Snay and I have been trading pronograph1c emails. Our fetish being books and the shelves upon which their delectable spines rest.

We’ve never met IRL, but when he was on the job at a nearby Book Store he randomly met my hubby when the latter was looking for a surprise gift for me and asked for Snay’s help to find it. He figured it out when I posted about it the next day. Ahh DC and the interwebs, what small worlds you are.

In light of this kindred event and Snay’s recent public posting of his bookshelf pr0n I now feel comfortable sharing my own!

IMG_0841Look, one of our doggie’s tennis balls! I wondered where that had gone…


I ONLY have these two shelves for now, but have dreams of floor to ceiling built-in ones covering every wall in a room someday.


12 Responses

  1. When I’m a guh-billionaire I’m going to have a custom studio apartment built: it will be a large library, with big glass windows overlooking downtown DC. There’ll be a small bathroom and kitchen, I just want twenty-foot high bookshelves. :)

  2. i have dreams of bookshelves as well. also, this is hawt.

  3. Do you have the same photo — in the same silver frame — on two different bookshelves?

  4. Snay: a) may yours and my dreams both come true!
    b) yes we got the frames as wedding gifts with “temporary pics” in them and 6 months later still haven’t done anything with them

    mylittlebecky: bookshelves are SO hawt right now

  5. *outraged sputtering* Gah! Harry Potter…propping up others?

    Oh, the humanity…

  6. MJenks: I know I know, but to be fair I do that with all the thick, hardcover books. No disrespect!

  7. hahah Andrew must of loved meeting some random guy that knew you from blogging… Charlotte you are now internet famous!

  8. Pho: I don’t know about *that* but it is a very small world, and Andrew was DEF shocked!

  9. Um, I’m super impressed by how organized your bookshelf is.

  10. Chelsea: I’m a little OCD about them, but I’ll tell you a secret, I *may* have taken some extra time to prettify the shelves since I knew I’d be taking pix for my blog ;)

  11. I LOVE my bookshelves…and I’m not really that into reading. Well I used to be, but now that I read blogs all day I don’t really want to read things on paper. I know, it’s horrible. I still have somehow managed to fill 5 bookshelves with books, and many, many more in storage. At least we know I’ll never run out of things to read!

  12. Maxie: i am in total agreement about the reading blogs all day cutting into my book reading time. but i love the sound of your 5 book shelves, we need a bigger house, we barely have space for 2!

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