Everyone is a weener with Tails of Love!

In memory of renowned romance author Edith Layton, two of my favorite romancelandia blogs, Smart Bitches Trashy Books and Dear Author, are hosting a fundraiser/auction/giveaway to benefit the North Shore Animal League. Layton’s daughter Susie Felber shared that while her mother was very quiet about her battle with ovarian cancer, she was not at all shy about “her insane love of animals,” and so the family decided any memorial contributions should be directed to the NSAL.

And I won Tails of Love in their book giveaway! I ween, I ween!


This was also great reminder for me to donate to Homeward Trails, where I adopted my baby Kedzie almost exactly two years ago.


In case anyone is interested, Tails of Love is a new anthology about the many mysterious ways animals bring love and joy into our lives, featuring Lori Foster, Stella Cameron, Sue-Ellen Welfonder, Kate Angell, Sarah McCarty, Donna MacMeans, Dianne Castell, Patricia Sargeant, Ann Christopher, and Marcia James.

Perhaps MOST importantly – proceeds from the sale of this book go to the Animal Adoption Foundation (AAF), a no-kill animal shelter in Hamilton, Ohio.

Romance novels and animal rescue – two issues very near and dear to my heart. A typical night is me getting all choked up watching Animal Cops, turning it off, and cozying up in bed with a romance novel while cuddling Kedzie to make myself feel better.



4 Responses

  1. aaaaaah! so cute! black doggie with curly tail! and a white muzzley. aaww. so yeah i didn’t read anything, just squeaked over the cuteness.

    upon further inspection, congrats and i think i might need that book.

  2. she is pretty much the most adorbs thing EVAR. i want to squeeze her till her head pops off.

  3. what a beautiful puppy!! as i am typing this, i have my own black and white cat curled up against the back of the laptop and my rescued siamese sitting on my feet. hee.

  4. Those animal rescue shows are extremely difficult for me to watch. It makes me so mad at people. So very mad.

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