Sweet potato pie and I shut my mouth

Although I’m from Chicago and the hubby is from God’s Country (as he calls his home state of New Jersey) we heart the south and we definitely fist pumped to Song of the South this weekend at our friend’s wedding in Wilmington, North Carolina. And even though we guzzled sweet tea and brought some Cheerwine back to DC with us I still want more things Southern, so I’m looking to add more to my reading diet.

Since I don’t live there and can only travel so often, books are the easiest way to immerse myself in the Southern culture. Doe anyone have any good recommendations for me?

Here are some that I love:

Savannah Blues, by Mary Kay Andrews (check out my shiny-new-fangirl review here)

Carolina Moon, by Nora Roberts

A Time to Kill, by John Grisham

Sullivan’s Island, by Dorathea Benton Frank (I highly, highly recommend it)

North and South, by John Jakes (I never read the rest of the series but this is my fave book out of the 5 of his books I’ve read)

Cold Mountain, by Charles Frazier (must mention the movie is also fab)

And don’t EVEN get me started on the movies, I could watch Sweet Home Alabama and Something To Talk About every day happily.

There are 2387 million more I could list, it’s just something about the southern twang, sassy southern ladies, history, traditional family names, family traditions and pride in general, and pace of life that just sets the romantic tone for me. Just check out my pic from Saturday at the gorgeous church where my friends got married, note the spanish moss!



13 Responses

  1. I loved A Time to Kill and I’ve been wanting and wanting to read Cold Mountain.

  2. f.B: A Time To Kill is just gripping! And an awesome movie too, especially with one of my top girl-crushes, Sandra Bullock.

  3. i can’t watch sweet home alabama (and the like) – even though i know she ends up with the “right guy” in the end, that’s still a HORRIBLE THING to do to the other guy..!! it always bothers me for like two straight days.

  4. Alice: I also am not a fan of love triangles, BUT i still adore SHA. The movie came out when I was in college in NC and when it got to the part where Reese punches Murphy Brown and someone at the wedding shouts “The South will rise again!” the whole movie theater i was in started cheering and whistling. reason #8975 i heart the south.

  5. It’s funny you guys are from the north… I really peg you guys as southerners.

  6. If you’re ever in the mood for a really looong and very Southern tome (yeah I used the world tome), check out Beach Music by Pat Conroy. It’s a little dated now, but since it takes place in South Carolina and mostly in Columbia, where I went to high school, it takes me right back there instantly.

  7. Patrick: we are such wanna be southerners

    Rachel: i love long books! they last longer with my speed reading…the only Pat Conroy I ever read was Prince of Tides, back in middle school, so like…13 years ago. wow. so i don’t really remember it, only that i didn’t love it enough to reread it. but i will give Beach Music a try, i like the title!

  8. I’ve actually never seen Something To Talk About… consider it listed.

  9. Give Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil a read. It’s not a romance, but it’s set in the south and it’s awesome.

  10. well, it’s probably goes without saying (which is presumably why you didn’t say it) that to kill a mocking bird is like the best southern book ever. other than that, i got nothing. i’m a love pansy, those movies make me all squenchy in my heart and i don’t like the feeling. that’s why chuck had to force me to watch the notebook and is still shocked that i’ve never seen titanic all the way through. (i’m a bad example of a girl). i do love a time to kill and the movie! swoon.

    AND! i love spanish moss!

    ps you are not allowed to get songs stuck in my head from reading your titles. thank you

  11. lilu: I’m shocked! It’s a Julia Roberts/Dennis Quaid classic!

    well i hope its obvious i don’t only read romances…

    but anyways i just KNEW someone was going to bring Midnight up, it has been on my To Be Read list forever but because i have seen the movie 3921 times i feel like i already know the story so well i never really feel like reading it. WRONG i know, someday i will, i promise!

    becky: OMG i TOTES forgot about To Kill a Mockingbird! Shame on me!!!! And I adore that book. I briefly considered naming my first daugher Scout, but thought it would be too much for someone to live up to, so i settled on promising myself i would name my first dog Scout, girl or boy.

    AND THEN EVERYONE NAMED THEIR DOG SCOUT, 2 friends from college, 1 co-worker, and I think Steve on SATC. So i didn’t, and i’m still sad about it.

  12. Oh, I know you don’t. Next time I won’t caveat. :D

  13. […] made me think this would be good if so many others at the lib wanted it ;) Also, as you may recall I’m obsessed with all things Southern, especially literature-wise, so I’m excited to read […]

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