New Release: Finger Lickin’ Fifteen, by Janet Evanovich

If someone is holding a book in public I BLATANTLY stare and crick my neck until I can read the title. I will also read over their shoulder.

This morning on my commute to work I saw two women with bright-cherry-red hardcover books but no matter how I strained my eyeballs or craned my neck (I don’t like how strained and craned rhyme, but they are the most apt descriptors for my actions) I couldn’t see the title or author!

On my lunch break today I saw a THIRD women with the SAME book and finally saw the cover:


Which makes sense, because today is it’s release day!

Now I must admit, that USED to be me with Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum books, but I am over them. I read up to Eleven On Top and was burnt out. Nothing specific really, even though love triangles aren’t my thing, I accepted it was part of the series, but I just have ZERO interest in picking up any more of them.

It’s nice to know they are there, though, just comforting to think I can pick up where I left off and still have new releases to read too!

4 Responses

  1. I never read any of these, even though they sound sort of appealing… and I totally read over shoulders, too. Way to be a fellow creeper.

  2. Yeah- I always see these books and other readers say they are so good- but I just don’t have a desire to read them. I can totally see you craning your neck to catch a glimpse…atleast you found out what book it was…can you imagine the hell you’d go through if you didn’t know?!

  3. Suburban Sweetheart: i would recommend Evanovich as an author in general, i have had fun reading all of her books, they are entertaining. but the stephanie plum ones will suck you in and as you can tell, are never ending!

    Jennifer: oof if i hadn’t figured it out it would have haunted me. like WHY is everyone carrying the same book and i don’t have it? especially since i used to be so obsessed with this series.

  4. Have you listened to any of them? Some of the readers are so funny especially doing Grandma Mazer. (Janet switched her reader and I can’t remember which one had me laughing so hard!) I still keep up because my little library gets them.

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