Her Only Desire, Gaelen Foley

  • only_desire_180Title: Her Only Desire
  • Author: Gaelen Foley(prob one of the best rom author websites I’ve seen, in fact in my imagination that’s what I wanted my blog to look like)
  • Genre: Historical Romance
  • Publisher: Ballantine Books
  • Release Date: March 2007
  • Standalone or Series: First book in the Spice Trilogy, and cousins to the Knight Miscellany series.

Why I read this book: The best book I read in the month of May was Lord of Icealso by Gaelen Foley, and I had never read anything by her before! Although I had been missing out, I always love discovering new-to-me fabulous long-standing authors so I can glom all their backlist. Her Only Desire was the only other Foley book available at my library so I picked it up!


From the exotic splendors of India to the elegant ballrooms of Regency London, celebrated author Gaelen Foley pens the enthralling tale of a luscious beauty who has sworn never to call any man her master, and the powerful marquess whose passion threatens to conquer her. . . .

Born into the wealthy British ruling class of India, Georgiana Knight is as unconventional as she is beautiful. She has sworn not to marry till she meets a man who will treat her as an equal–but that vow doesn’t appease her sensual curiosity. When Ian Prescott, the Marquess of Griffith, arrives on a mission to defuse the threat of war, she is immediately drawn to the mysterious and darkly handsome diplomat, and cannot resist provoking the hidden lust that smolders beneath his cool surface.

Ian is mesmerized by Georgie’s alluring mystique but burdened by a dark secret. And she is a temptation he cannot afford. But when she becomes entangled in his mission, she must be secreted away to England for her own safety. Georgie finds herself in the unfamiliar world of aristocratic London, where Ian becomes her guide, her confidant . . . her seducer. His incendiary kiss sets her soul on fire, and Georgie knows she will never be satisfied until she has made this magnificent man her own.

Review:I was enchanted from the very first page. I could smell the spices in the Indian market, feel the hot, sandy wind, and fell in love with Ian and Georgiana. This book had everything I hope for in a romance novel, excellent characterization, gripping storyline, and a believable, passionate relationship.

I can’t decide who I have a bigger crush on, Ian or Georgiana. “Georgie” is really my perfect romance novel heroine, between her yoga skills, independent streak, caring nature for her brothers, progressive views on women’s rights in the 1800’s no matter what country you live in, and humorous nature I fell for her hard.

When I read this quote I had a huge fat smile on my face of just pure liking her:

“I’ll be good,” she hushed him, and with a mischievous glance, suddenly unfastened the top button of his waistcoat. Before he could protest she stepped past him and headed for the door.

“Trying to undress me?” He called in a soft murmur

She glanced over her shoulder and sent him a naughty half smile. “I can’t say it hasn’t crossed my mind.”

Ian also super-impressed me with his strength of character and dedication to his country and justice. I mean just check out how awesome he is from this conversation:

“I didn’t know if I could trust you” [Georgie said]

“Let me first assure you that I am not the East India Company’s lackey, nor the Crown’s.” His tone turned steely, for after all, she had insulting his pride. “I have no interest in ‘lining my pockets’ with the wealth of the East…you’ll pardon the vulgarity of my informing you that I already happen to be extremely rich.”

Georgie absorbed his terse chastisement with a downcast gaze. “Oh.”

“Furthermore, if I thought our aims in this matter were unjust, I would have refused the mission. In short, I don’t do this job for the pay, Georgiana. I am here for the good of my country, in the hopes of saving lives. If there is any meaning to my life, I’ve dedicated everything to trying to make the world at least a slightly more civilized place, so I really don’t appreciate your insinuations about my character.”

 *Swoon* Oh Ian Prescott, Marquess of Griffith, won’t you be mine?

The dark, shameful secret from his past and first marriage was very sad, and it lingered over their heads throughout the whole book. When revealed at the very end both we the reader and Georgie could understand his motivations and emotions so much better, it ended up being a very tender scene and one of my favorites.

I was also intrigued by many of the secondary characters, including Georgie’s twin brothers who are featured in the last two books in this trilogy. I need to do a bit more digging to find out if their mad sea-faring relative Jack gets his own book, basically I want to read all of Ms. Foley’s books!

Verdict: When I was getting ready to write my review I tried to think of anything wrong with the book, or something that didn’t work for me. That’s when I realized if I had to think about it so hard, there isn’t anything! So I would HIGHLY recommend it! Especially for the cool setting in India.

Grade: A


6 Responses

  1. You had me at “dark, shameful secret”. ;-)

  2. Lilu: if only i could have easily added a comprehensible dun dun dunnn sound affect too!

  3. Oooh, I loved this one too! I’ve read everything written by Gaelen Foley – she is one to never disappoint. Great review.

    ♥ Nely

  4. Nely: thanks, great to hear from another Foley fan! Since my library only has two of her books I think I hear the bookstore calling my name now!

  5. so are there raunchy scenes in these books? or is it left all to the imagination?

  6. Thanks for the reminder of this author. I’ve read several of hers. I guess I’ll check the library and see what is available now. And, must see what’s she put out recently. Read the brother’s books too!

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