I’m trapped in a glass case of EMOtion

This past weekend was my bestest bestie’s wedding. Love was in the air, God gave us a beautiful day, everyone was on time, and the bride and groom have a romance to envy.

So naturally I spent the day being so EMOtional I should have looked like this:

emo girl

emo girl

Well I looked like that on the inside. On the outside I was a preppy, pink silk wearing, matching pearl necklace and earring sporting, tears into a pink and white handkerchief dripping, in the front pew sitting-bridesmaid.

I got a little emo at the reception also. All the love and romance made me a little schmoopy, hubby humored me and what resulted was a picture that maybe just maybe could be on the cover of a contemporary romance novel. What do you think?

(be warned, this pic is disgustingly FULL of schmoop)


Nothing beats a real life romance story. I didn’t need or want to read one romance novel this weekend, well I didn’t have much time to read at all, but I got all my romance-jollies off on the twue wove that was everywhere I looked at this beautiful wedding. When I told y’all about my fridge full of STDs (don’t worry I’ll have an update soon) I shared a few real-life-real-love links and have a few more for your perusal today as well.

Well starting with an update, Pioneer Woman Ree completed her Black Heels to Tractor Wheels story compilation of her an her husband’s whirlwind romance culminating in the four part story of their wedding. The SECRET is that her everyday life is so full of romance in every blog post she writes. I get a little misty eyed at her writing and pictures at least once a week.

Also, Cassie from Southern Domestic Goddess had a super-cute post up today about her wedding anniversary. And, much like Pioneer Woman, in all of Cassie’s posts about her family, the love they share shines through.

Lastly, like the appropriate fangirl I am, True Love blossomed on TrueBlood with costars Anna Paquin and Steven Moyer taking their onscreen romance home with them. Oooh lala this makes my heart go pitter patter.

14 Responses

  1. I love weddings. Except I want one.

    I bawled like a child at my best friend’s wedding last October!

  2. What a great pic! It’s totally romance novel cover worthy. I’m glad you two had a good weekend and I hope you’re having a great week!

  3. You’re not being Emo, you are being mushy. You and the hubby look fantastic!

  4. Suburban Sweetheart: glad i’m not alone in the bawling department! other weddings really haven’t been as bad, but for my best friend’s? i couldn’t stem the tears!

    Planet Books: Thanks so much! I might have to submit it to Harlequin ;)

    dmbosstone: you’re right, i am the farthest thing from emo. and thanks!

  5. I LOVE THE SCHMOOP!!! You guys are freaking DARLING!

  6. So adorable. And I agree: not emo at all. Emo requires drama.

  7. Definitely good shmoopy…as opposed to the less fortunate emo

  8. lilu: awww, thanks honey!

    f.B: no drama over here, thank goodness! i could never evar re-live highschool drama. if i had to, i would go back as an emo to properly deal with is. [as an emo? is that appopriate terminology?]

    Art: hahaha thanks, and i heart “less fortunate emo”

  9. You can combine the emo/prep :) Today I am rocking a wide stripe pink and white polo shirt with black Bermuda shorts, open toed black patent leather strappy sandals, and pearls. I call it “Avril Laveigne (sp?- hate her anyway) Meets Banana Republic on Cape Cod.”

    Per usual, you look amazing.

  10. aaaaawww! look at you guys! so very cuteness. getting lost in eachother’s eyes… sigh, “twue wuv, will fowow you foweva!”

  11. Danni: I love the sound of your outfit, and I also hate Avril Levigne. Also, thank you ;)

    becky: schmoopiness, we has it.

  12. secondo me gli EMO sno abbastanza belle.A me piacciono molto i capelli e i vestiti e i percing!!!!

  13. […] Also everyone just LOVES an emo picture I found for a post in which I was feeling particularly…well…emo! Every week it comes up at the top of the […]

  14. […] oh man I was so emo and full of schmoop at my besties wedding last year, and with all these romantical-celebrations coming up I’m sure to get my quota of […]

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