June 2009 Books Read

This was a great month for me!!!! 6 out of 13 books I read were A grades, how bout them apples y’all?

  1. Her Only Desire, Gaelan Foley A
  2. Prisoner of My Desire, by Johanna Lindsey A re-read
  3. Tap & Gown, Diana Peterfreund A-
  4. His Dark and Dangerous Ways, Edith Layton A-
  5. Belong To Me, Maria de los Santos A-
  6. Scandal, Carolyn Jewel A-
  7. Kiss Me, Anabel, Eloisa James B+
  8. Dear Sir, I’m Yours, Joely Sue Burkhart B+
  9. The Graveyard Book, Neil Gaiman B
  10. Sugar Daddy, Lisa Kleypas B
  11. Into Thin Air, Cindy Miles B- (no I did not get the author wrong, this is a time-traveling, ghost-filled, romance novel)
  12. Eclipse, Stephenie Meyer C
  13. Breaking Dawn, Stephenie Meyer F

As always, you can see the full list of books I’ve read so far this year on my sidebar…


11 Responses

  1. When do you sleep???

    Color me impressed.

  2. Eclipse is my favorite book of the Twilight series. But BD was a total twilight zone train wreck!

    Much love for Scandal.

  3. lilu: i am the only person i know who doesn’t complain about a 45 minute metro commute. and doesn’t mind when i’m delayed on the metro, unless it’s because people are crashing and dying that is…

    KB: new moon was my favorite, which is weird since it was so depressing (NOT my style). And after reading your review and others on Scandal I knew I had to pick it up!

  4. You and I have similar tastes in reading. I love Gaelen Foley and I’ve been following her from her first title.

    I have to admit – I didn’t like the Twilight books at all.

    I’ve been on a Harlequin kick lately though I’m not sure why. I started reading romance thanks to HQ but I got away from them and now I’m back.

  5. I still haven’t read Breaking Dawn yet-glad to see another good review of it. (I loaned my copy to my sister and I’m afraid I’m going to have to re-buy it.) I have Her Only Desire on my Bookshelf and love Prisoner of My Desire-I haven’t read that in ages.

  6. Just realized I put the wrong website link in..and I’m buckeyegirl31 from twitter. :)

  7. Ana: I can’t believe after 12 years of reading romance I only just discovered Ms. Foley! And I have only read 2 or 3 HQ books, they were fine, but I just never feel compelled to pick them up for some reason.

    Colette: maybe you’ll enjoy Breaking Dawn more than I, if I could erase that part of my memory I wouldn’t miss it…I was reminded of Prisoner of my Desire on another book blog when it came up in discussion and KNEW I had to reread it immediately. And I still loved it, but I love just about EVERY Johanna Lindsey book ever written.

  8. oh man, i just COULD NOT get into the twilight books. i only made it halfway through the first one before i hated bella so effing much i had to stop reading.

  9. I enjoy that you rate the Twilight books a low grade! I’m with you on this boat completely!

  10. Alice: i fully admit i read them so i could have a seat on the bandwagon but it was NOT WORTH IT. plus those suckers (pun intended!) are freaking LONG, so that was like 15 hours of my life wasted.

    reederscorner: i can see why 13 year olds might like them? but a FAIL for me!

  11. Glad I’m not the only one who gives Breaking Dawn a big fat F! Total FAIL!

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