Next Week = Half blog-birthday, 100th post, and Romance Writers of America national conference

Phew, with a title like that I hardly need to write a post, do I?

Six months ago I discovered the romance book blogging community and was inspired to start my own. How blessedly perfect that my six month blog-anniversary AND one-hundredth (100th!) post will fall next week, the SAME week as the Romance Writers of America national conference right here in DC!

Stay tuned for a LUSTY GIVEAWAY in honor of these events. And even further prettification of my blog ;)

Now up until recently I had never heard of RWA, and even when I stalked the archives of some of my favorite bloggers in romancelandia (what, doesn’t everyone do that?) and saw their posts from last year’s conference it didn’t even cross my mind to want to go to one.

I had this idea it was like Comic-Con but for romance novel lovers. Hubby has taken to calling it “Rom-Con” ever since I mentioned it.


But as soon as I found out it was in DC this year? practically in my backyard? I knew I had to get over my nerves of meeting these AMAZING authors (of both books and blogs!) of whom I am in such awe and just GIT UP AND GO.

So I am going. There is an awesome event for readers and fangirls like me, the Literacy Signing on Wednesday July 15th with over five-freakin-hundred (500!) romance authors selling and autographing their books! At the Marriott by the zoo in Woodley Park, it is only one (1!) metro stop away from my house; neither rain, nor snow, nor oppressive DC humidity shall keep me from it!

Even though I have already planned what I’m going to wear, posts like Rosie’s on Access Romance were super helpful for a first time attendee. As was KatieBabs  just for getting me amped up and a whole slew of others being aggregated at Blogging National!

 But my biggest preparation is that I’ve been fasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for TWO MONTHS, not slaking my thirst for that which I lust the most: BOOKS.

What, you thought I was trying to lose weight? Ha, fat chance (pun intended), I can’t stay away from food for more than 5 consecutive hours.

Anyway, like KristieJ I have been on a book-buying fast, I have not spent ANY money on books in TWO WHOLE MONTHS because I plan to go hog wild at RWA and buy 32987. Or as many as my largest beach tote will carry.

The count down is on, my friends, to RWA, 6 month blogiversay, my 100th post and impending giveaway!


11 Responses

  1. Check your email! :)

  2. You’ll have to let us know how it goes!!

  3. Your fast will soon be over. Books, books and more books!

  4. i feel like there is some sort of nefarious osmosis going on here, because each time i come here i am sliiiiiightly more tempted to read a romance novel…… :-)

  5. I read a romance novel at Jay’s saloon one night, it was fun.

    I just got off the phone with RWA this evening and they are giving me press credentials. I don’t know for what but I may just have to go to this thing for a few minutes.

  6. It’s like we are in sync. All of these things came for me today. Crazy.

  7. Olga: thank you times a million!

    collette: i will definitely be twittering/tweeting and writing a re-cap blog post or two!

    katiebabs: my stomach is growling, i am SO READY to break my book fast

    Alice: don’t knock it till you try it, but if it isn’t for you, it just isn’t. i can’t read horror novels, no matter how many people recommend them

    Patrick: and you have been keeping your romance novel reading a secret from me, why? Check out RWA’s website and see if there are any events that would interest you!

    JPP: twinsies!

  8. About 2 weeks before the conference I’m wondering why I’m going when I have so much to do between home and work to be gone for a week. Then as departure day grows closer and the ‘To Do’ list grows shorter I become like a kid at Christmas. I’m looking forward to meeting you.

    Oh and your pal Patrick with the Press pass? They get access… so you know, bribe him or something. ; )

  9. Not to mention the FREE books.

  10. All of the books at publisher signings are free. Usually there are free books on the chairs at lunch, as well, usually by the speaker. The trick is NOT getting free books….

  11. […] told me about the Romance Writers of America, the trade association for romance writers, and how excited she was that their national conference was going to be in town starting […]

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