Billy Joel and Elton John Face2Face Concert

face 2 face tourThis might have been the best concert I’ve ever been to in my life. At one point hubby and I turned to each other and both had goosebumps the music was so beautiful. Or at least it was once they got the pianos working.

Piano concert FAIL.

Actually it wasn’t that big a deal, they played two joint songs at the very beginning and Elton John’s piano sounded a little off. He determined the peddle was stuck/broken and left the stage [aka stormed off shouting the f word like a Diva] until it could be fixed.

Good ol Billy to the rescue! Stripping off his jacket and hiking up his pants he crawled under Elton’s piano like an auto mechanic. When they couldn’t fix it right away Billy’s band came on stage and they started their full set.

I was twittering during the fiasco and my tweet was actually picked up by the Washington Post! Well…on the sports blog anyways. But still, you should follow me on twitter now that I’ve been “published.”


Nationals Park is brand spanking new, just opened last year, and actually this was the first concert ever held there. We had nosebleed seats but couldn’t have cared less, we were SO INTO IT.  As were the many middle aged fans around us. It seemed to me that more people were Billy Joel fans, but that could just be my bias, I’m not huge into Elton John and actually don’t know any of his songs at all.

Except Tiny Dancer, I had to hear that on repeat in the Deke frat house basement in college.

As I’m 25 both performers were popular wayyyy before I was even born, but I still know pretty much every Billy Joel song. Maybe because I lived in NYC the summer that Movin Out came out and I went three times?

Anywhoo, back to the concert: Billy was a consummate entertainer with comedic asides, lunging around with a fly swatter, honoring his bandmates, climbing and gyrating on top of his piano,  and a few times cutting all sound and letting the crowd sing.

A stadium that was silent except for 40,000 people singing a capella “Sing us a song you’re the piano man,” brought tears to my eyes.

I got teary eyed a few other times when Billy brought up his personal love life. After signing “She’s Always A Woman” and everyone was screaming, cheering and clapping he said:

“I don’t know why you listen to me. I wrote that song for my first ex-wife and just finished with my third.”

He was laughing good naturedly, and we laughed along with his self-deprecating remark, but I cried on the inside.

The very last song of the night was Billy and Elton playing Piano Man together. It was awesome, as in awe inspiring. And then at the line “Now Paul is a real estate novelist / Who never had time for a wife,” Billy held up his left hand and pointed to his ringless 4th finger.


Can we get someone to write a romance novel for Billy Joel? Clearly I do not know him AT ALL but what I doknow I like. I reeeeally really like him. There is a guy who deserves a happy ending.

But yeah, we had a FANTASTIC TIME.


"Cold beer, hot lights, my sweet romantic teenage nights"



Rocket Man!

12 Responses

  1. I was surprised to hear Elton John stormed off the stage — I have to admit, I really don’t understand incredible rich and well compensated performers who throw hissy fits. Get over yourself, dude.

  2. I have heard from countless folks that Billy is a consummate performer.

  3. Yeah: I heard about Billy’s recent split. But it’s awesome that he was able to joke about it.

  4. omg, i am SO SO JEALOUS. i have never been to a billy concert and I WAAAAANT. so happy ot hear it was great!!

  5. Mal Snay: I couldn’t tell if he was joking or not. Kinda hard to get a read on someone 71829 feet away from our nosebleed seats.

    Lemmonex: oh he was, he was! I left with a ginormous crush on Le Billy.

    f.B: when i first saw the rumors popping up on Perez Hilton months ago I selfishly worried that it might effect his tour, but I am so glad that even with such personal upheaval he is still performing.

    I thought it was sort of awesome he was joking about it and sort of really really really sad.

    Alice: apparently they have tourned together before which I did not know until I was google image searching for this blog post. So maybe they will again!

  6. I heard he said it was the biggest fuck up in Rock & Roll.

  7. I am hating on you so hard right now. Only out of extreme jealousy, but still. Hating so hard it hurts.

  8. oh, billy! swooon! very, very cool lustarooni. jeaaaalous!

  9. I saw Billy Joel in concert once and loved it. I couldn’t imagine seeing both Billy and Elton together. I’m so jealous of you! (I gave you a blogging award on my site.)

  10. I went to this concert too and based on those photos, was sitting pretty close to where you were! I am actually a huge Elton John fan, but I thought they were both amazing! :) Elton John is a diva, so I enjoyed those antics lol…I kinda thought Billy Joel may have been drunk (but in a good way)!

  11. […] escape life this month. Amidst all the fun social things (2 weddings, Billy Joel & Elton John concert, RWA, romancelandia blogger get togethers) I have been unbeLIEVably stressed about real life […]

  12. Nice post! The tour stopped in Oklahoma City last Thursday night. You are right, it’s amazing to hear all those voices singing together. My wife and I just about sang ourselves hoarse.


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