A lusty view of RWA09 Day 1

Oh sweet baby Jesus I don’t know where to begin. They say best to begin at the beginning, this is gonna be a long post kiddos but I included pictures to break it up some…So here goes….

I wanted to look cute but I was going to the Literacy Signing straight from work so I had to wear my new dress all day. I have NEVER gotten so many cat calls at 8:05am while walking to the metro in my life. On an 7 block walk I got at least 8 kissey noises and whistles in my direction.

It was all for you, ladies.

And totally worth it when Celeste Bradley said I looked like Audrey Hepburn!

I prepared for my first RWA conference by writing down a list of authors I wanted to meet, which books I most wanted to buy, $100 cash since I heard the cash line was shorter, and basically just girded my loins since I was a little nervous.

Walking up to the Marriott last night the nervous butterflies in my stomach turned to giddy anticipation as I started seeing ladies upon ladies walking around with RWA pins, pink bags full of books, ginormous grins, and Harlequin tote bags all over the sidewalk and entrance to the hotel. As I descended into the cavernous conference space in the basement  I felt comfortable immediately knowing I was surrounded by at least 1000 other romance novel lovers!

I also felt hot. There were A LOT of “squeeing” people packed into that room!

I did fairly well with my list, some of the authors I wanted to meet were already sold out of books by the time I got to their table. But I ended up making out VERY WELL. Here is a list of the authors I met and which books of theirs I got autographed and bought:

  1. What I Did For Love, by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
  2. Lord of Pleasure,by Delilah Marvelle
  3. Blue Diablo, by Ann Aguirre
  4. My Wicked Marquess,by Gaelen Foley
  5. Her Every Pleasure,by Gaelen Foley
  6. Duke Most Wanted, Celeste Bradley
  7. Desperately Seeking a Duke, Celeste Bradley
  8. Revealed, Kate Noble
  9. Pleasuring the Pirate, Emily Bryan

When I first walked into the hot, steamy, romance filled room I did two loops around the outside just taking it all in…


There were fantastic raffle prizes, which I bought tickets for, but forgot to enter because I got too swept up in talking to KatieBabs and Rosie! I recognized KatieBabs only by the shirt she was wearing, but I didn’t know what any other book bloggers looked like in real life, so KB was kind enough to introduce me. I heart romancelandia.


As much as I wanted to meet La Nora and Linda Howard I was intimidated by their lines and I didn’t even bother to put them on my list since I knew I had limited time. Although I did brave the somewhat smaller line for la fantastique SEP. Match Me If You Can is one of my favorite romances of all time after all. When I begged a photo with SEP I didn’t know who would take it for me since I went all by my lonsesome. But the sweet young girl who was sitting at SEP’s booth with her offered to take one, and guess what?!?!? SHE HAD THE SAME NAME AS ME. I place a lot of importance on names.

I don’t have a super common name and fell in love with the child immediately [she was maybe 12 and adorbs]. I’m not sure if she was related to SEP or not, I didn’t want to be a Nosey Parker and they didn’t volunteer what their relationship was. But she took a faboosh picture!

Lusty Reader and Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Lusty Reader and Susan Elizabeth Phillips

I also took a picture with the very friendly and talkative Delilah Marvelle, she hugged my twice so I felt comfortable asking for a photo…

Delilah Marvelle et moi

Delilah Marvelle et moi

I didn’t take pictures with every author I met, I felt a little weird about it especially when other people were waiting behind me…

I got in line to check out around 8pm (the event technically ended at 7:30) and I estimate I was the one millionth woman in line:


The line actually moved fairly quickly, and honestly I was content just to people watch and relax after the hectic author and blogger conversations I had just had! I was also super proud of myself that I *only* bought 9 books and that it came in just under $100 which is how much cash I brought with me. A job well done I say, quite the parfait ending to a parfait day.

Lastly, want to see my over-stuffed, loot-filled purse?



19 Responses

  1. OMG – the check out line was so long. It did move fast though. I spent $104. Only $4 more than I wanted to..LOL.

    OOh…I see Blue Diablo and Revealed in there..two of my favs:)

  2. I’m glad you had fine. We had a booth up there — it’ll be there until Saturday — and our employees started trickling back in about 8:30. They described the hotel as “freezing”, but they might’ve been stuck near an a/c vent!

  3. fine? think I meant fun. Or “had a fine time.”

  4. *sigh*

    so cool! Isn’t Katiebabs adorable?

  5. and I forgot to say : love the look!

  6. It was so great to meet you. Mho can’t stop chattering about you also!

  7. Since I was going, going, going until the last possible moment I was in that checkout line for what seems like a life time. My feet are still killing me. Of course if I’d forgo my vanity and wear comfortable shoes instead of the bright red patents I wore I might be singing a different song this morning.

    It was great meeting you. Now you have had your first taste of RWA… Next you’ll be saving pennies to attend one far, far away…

  8. Mandi: even though someone warned me it would be long i didn’t think it would be THAT bad! but the people watching honestly *was* fun for me!

    Mal Snay: at the height of the signing I was should to shoulder with people for 2 hours straight, so that was pretty toasty, but around the edges wasn’t bad.

    Ana: KB is totally freaking adorable. and thankye kindly ;)

    KB: Mho may have stayed in my thoughts after I met him too, I’m excited to see you both again soon!!!

    Rosie: beauty is pain, as we women know so well. it was so fun to meet you too, and i certainly am temped to go to another RWA in the future!

  9. So, I just found your blog and I have to confess- I am a secret romance novel reader! Especially in the summer. Something about the summer makes me want to read romance novels… Looks like an awesome time at RWA. Color me jealous.

  10. well, look at you in your cute dress and cute headband all smiley like and everything! i am jealous of all the fun and author meeting and such. very cool! in conclusion please send that faboo tote!(s magoat!)

  11. Do you have to pay for the books or do you get it for free?

  12. I dislike romance novels but adore this post because you are JUST SO JOYFUL in it. <3

  13. Jill: I was a secret romance novel lover until i found the romancelandia book blogging community! ok well i still keep my obsession hidden in real life, but i let out all my lusty lovin here on the interwebs!

    Beckyyyy: spanks lady! i have never met an author before, it was *quite* an experience!

    heart book gossip: there were some free swag offers, but those were for the events you registered for like panels with speakers, or parties you got specific invites to. or at least i THINK that’s where the fee stuff was. i certainly didn’t see any free stuff at the autographing! i purchased all my books full price and they really prefer that you buy books and get them signed as opposed to bringing your copies from home…

    suburban sweetheart: awww a compliment AND a slight towards my reading preferences. fabulous (kidding!)

  14. You look adorable! So glad you had fun on Day 1 :)

  15. Yet again, I have to say I’m so glad you went to this event! You look so pretty in your picks and very happy. I hopped over to the Bailey’s Crossroads Borders on Thursday night and enjoyed an evening of laughs with Jennifer Weiner. Really a great time and I met some great fellow readers.

    BTW, LOVE your blogs new look and the pic at the top! Very nice. Have a great weekend!

  16. Hi Lusty! It was great to meet you at Nationals!

    Just got home and started my laundry. My DH took one look at my little rolling bag (which is filled to bursting with books) and asked if I can please thin out my shelves before I unload the new ones. (We’re condo dwellers so space is always at a premium. )

    Happy Reading!

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  19. […] My first day – the literary signing, meeting authors, trying to put faces with blogger/twitter names, and standing in line […]

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