Recap and Contest reminder

Morning blogosphere! Since I have been on hyper-drive and over scheduled I’m being lazy and just writing bullet points…

  • RWA’s literacy signing was ridic. But I validated spending $100 on books to hubby by telling him it all went to charity! They raised over $60K in one day! Just over the top romance novel craziness in general, I am still giddy…in a tired way
  • Took our dog to the vet Thursday, all is well but she keeps giving me sad-face looks, making me feel guilty for all her shots and things-they-did-to-her-back door-in-the-back-room. Sorry pup!
  • Still smiling fondly over fun romancelandia conversations from a get-together on Friday night with dinner and drinks
  • Finished my first new book from the huge stack I got last week: My Wicked Marquess by Gaelen Foley, first book in Inferno Club series, did not like it as much as her others but was still really entertained!
  • Looked at 5 houses and condos on Saturday here in DC with a new real estate agent, still trying to figure out how to fire our last one for being super stupid
  • Still trying to forget the amount of alcohol consumed Saturday night at The Gibson and that I ate jumbo slice at 3am
  • Had a blast with college friends while cheering for my Cubbies on Sunday afternoon, met up dmbosstone and wasitforthis at the ball park too


And don’t forget my contest ends tonight at midnight! Leave a comment on last week’s post to enter to win one of two prizes:

     1) $25 Border’s Gift Card


     2) Super cute Harlequin tote bag with three books inside (Intertwined and My Soul to Take from their new YA line, and a surprise single title historical romance)

To enter, leave a comment on the giveaway post saying which prize you want AND the last book you read.

That’s all for me folks. How were your respective weekends?

6 Responses

  1. Still feeling highly jealous of your weekend!

  2. […] I’m sorta proud to say I’ve only given into the temptation of eating a Jumbo slice once. Lusty Reader gave into the temptation in what sounds like one crazy night. […]

  3. Hey!! Great blog!! I’ve added it to my blogroll. It was so great to meet you!

  4. Great to meet you LR. Wow, so sorry about the skirt. You sure handled it well. I have no secrets and probably would have blurted something out.

    I read your last few posts and saw BLUE DIABLO by Ann Aguirre in your bag. AA’s books are great. Have you read any of the Jax books?

  5. Jill Pill: it was def something special! i doubt i’ll be in a socioeconomic position (don’t know if used that correctly) to go to RWA again for a while since it just happened to be in my city this year = free

    Barbara: thankye kindly madame. so glad to have met/discovered you too!

    Rosie: haha i figured as long as i was sitting down no one would know, but when i made the decision to leave it booked it outta there (no “booked” pun intended!)

    Blue Diablo will be my VERY firstest AA book! KB turned me on to her, so I didn’t buy her book on purpose earlier so i could get one at the signing. i will definitely let you know what i think!

  6. mmmmmmm big slice. i’ve replaced my love of big slice with my adoration of julia’s empenadas, but big slice will always hold a special place in my heart. and my thighs.

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