The Secret – my version

NO I have not read that stupid book, ok well I guess I won’t call it stupid since I don’t know anything about it, but The Secret (touted by Grand Poobah Oprah) held no interest for me.

But I am going to trust you (yes you, reading my blog with your finger poised over the scroll-y button your mouse) with MY secret.

This is a good one, so if you USE THIS you owe me. You know where to find me.

Ok here goes…

If you find a genie here is the first thing you should wish for: Will Power.


Isn’t that just genius?!??! Ok I am now bowing and blushing to your applause.

If you use this idea the SECOND thing you have to wish for is for me to get a wish. And then I will wish for will power too. See? This is how the circle of bloggie trust works!

Clearly this is a very realistic premise, so I expect you to be taking me seriously. I am VERY serious about this and have puts lots of thought into it. Because you know what happens if you ask for the wrong wish from a Genie? Bad things that’s what! Like if you wish for the lost treasure of some ship wreck the genie might just whisk you there and leave you underwater with your new found wealth, to drown!(this happened in The Return of Jafar) There are RULES people, like what if you just wished to be skinny, and your wish backfired by making you look like a skeleton and you could never gain any weight?!

OK, so my wish idea is only a good wish if you don’t already have will power.

Which I don’t. Can you imagine how much you could ACCOMPLISH with will power!??


Exercise! Stop eating semi-sweet chocolate chips instead of dinner! Do work instead of twittering! Pay attention to your husband instead of reading just one more chapter! Put the book down at midnight instead of 2:30am on a work night! Don’t wait until the dog is crossing her legs she has to go out so bad to put down your current read!

So a lot of these are reading related.

Reading has taken over my life a bit. Because you see, the only thing I DO have will power about is finishing a book. I have almost NO DNF’s people. I always get to the end. One thing I hate, detest, despise and loathe is returning a book to the library or to a friend unread.

If a book is really scarey, horror filled making-me-feel-sick-to-my-stomach, or even just reeeeally boring then maybe I will put it down. But for the most part? I have plenty of will power to read all my library books before their due dates before moving on to the books I own. I feel too guilty returning a library book unread.

I just can’t do it. Is this will power? Or addiction?

8 Responses

  1. I’ve had a few DNF books. Not many. But a few.

    Oy….be happy that you even have a library that has decent books! My library is horrible. I would….do something drastic….to have a library with a good selection.

  2. I trying to use my willpower to stop reading books that are obviously bad! But it’s not working : (

  3. If I had will power I’d be working and not reading your blog! You lose!

  4. You could do what I do, and take the book WITH me when the dog needs to go out to pee.

    I’m just sayin’…

  5. Yes! Wish etiquette is so important. You have to make strategic choices. I’d want willpower, too.

    Also… ALADDIN.

  6. Barbara: haha, i would…also do something drastic! the library near my house is in a trailer, so i go out to the Virginia ‘burbs for the good ones

    Art: oh god willpower is one word, isn’t it? here i wrote this whole post spelling it wrong.

    see, obvi i don’t know much about it!

    Pho: i dunno, that seems win/win to me!

    KatiD: oooh good idea! i can’t walk and read at the same time, but certainly the dog park might work…

    f.B: again, i can’t believe i spelled willpower wrong, until i saw these comments i didn’t even think about it.

    and i’m glad you understand wish etiquette.


  7. Willpower? What’s that? *g*

    Can’t I just have the biggest library ever!? Wait that might put me in the Library of Congress which has all those boring books. I don’t think they stock romance!

  8. […] post my September finished reading list until I wrote ONE review for any of the books I read. Well we all know I have no willpower…sigh…so I’m just posting it anyways with just a few thoughts after each. Maybe […]

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