Phoning it in

No lusty reading posts, but I do feel guilty when I don’t update here (what? I’m Catholic) so here is a recent convo of mine for your amusement…

With all the grown-up house hunting hubby and I have been doing he has been on me to be more “responsible” because I’ve totally been lazy and left all bill paying, putting % in savings, opening new savings accounts, etc. up to him.

Here is our email exchange from 10 minutes ago:

Hubby: I really need you to remember to pay your credit card bill on your own.  I’ve forgotten to do it twice this year and its now cost us a couple hundred dollars.  It’s really not worth the late fees and finance charges for me to do it for you.


H: I can’t imagine how you found that website

M: oooh i found it from this really cool thing it’s called “Google”! You should try it!!!!

H: Is it weird that I thought that might have been one of your virtual friends?

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14 Responses

  1. Gotta side with Hubby here… what damages your credit, damages his.

  2. LA: so true, but we agreed he would pay them, somehow when we got married i suckered him into taking care of all this stuff. but alas and alack i need to start pulling my own weight.

  3. LOL on the hope it was one of your virtual friends!!

  4. You lost me at the hot girl salute.

  5. That so eerily ressembles conversations that go on at Casa de Ana.

    I have so many important things to do like, blogging, reading, catching up with virtual friends, why, why must I be worried with trivial details like bills. and food shopping. and bathroom cleaning? blergh.

  6. I don’t understand how anyone was ever entertained before the internet and the google. I really, really don’t.

  7. that’s so funny! he needs to look into that google it’s the awesome! i love that you illustrated the email. i make chuck do all that too. he just tells me how much to write the check. aaaah, the good life.

    ps thanks :)

  8. Good luck the adult-like stuff. I’m still trying to get there! *g*

    Will look forward to you next Lusty reading post

  9. hee. see, in my case, it would 100% have actually been from one of my virtual friends ;-)

  10. When I first got married, I handled everything. Bills, etc. Now, I just let him handle it. The only downfall is when I spend an obscene amount of money, he catches me ever time, lol.

    BTW, great pic, lol.

  11. LOL that’s hilarious! Your virtual friends can be so dirty.

  12. Gotta say I’m with Kristie on this one… He was HOPING that was one of your online friends. Funny.

  13. Haha- I love that he thought that was one of your blogy friends!

  14. […] But here are some things going on that were too long for me to talk about in Twitter (yes, ive been on a lot recently even though i havent been blogging or blog hopping) so this is a bit longer than my last phoning it in post. […]

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