Spreading the lusty reading word

Perhaps you remember the amusing fellow who guest posted here when I took my one day of vacation earlier this year? Well when mylittlebecky scratched my back I vowed to scratch hers in return should she ever need me! Although she is probably scratching Chuck’s back while they are on vacation in Montana. [read into that what you will!]

Finally my skills were called upon! Today you may find me guest posting about imagination, rations, emergency plans, Waterworld (God I love that movie) and other fun stuff.

So head on over for your reading pleasure! We will be back to our regular programming tomorrow. I have some rants about 3 recently read books that I am working up the courage to share. Mainly because I don’t have too many nice things to say about them.


6 Responses

  1. I hear the Time Traveler’s Wife opened up and I thought about how you would totally watch it so you watch it to compare it to the book.

  2. Patrick: Actually I get MEGA-angry every time I see the commercials for it. That book pissed me off sooo bad I want nothing to do with the movie. Sorry!

  3. LOL! Great post. I loved the dialogue with your hubby ;)

  4. Haha- love the button! Going to check out your post now!

  5. Haha: “don’t have too many nice things to say…”

    Well done. The anticipation is thick, now.

  6. LOL Gonna have to come back to read the rants! They are always more interesting than the raves. ^_^

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