August Reading List

I wanted to get this post up yesterday, but as I was explaining to mylittlebecky on twitter, we only have the one computadora at home and hubby HOGS IT.

When he sees me in my google reader taking avid notes on book rec’s from KB, Ana and Thea etc…, or giggling over lilu’s latest he’s all, “Look I have REAL stuff to do on that, you’re just blogging.

Harumph! I mean he’s all over the internet getting us homeowners insurance, pricing security systems, reading the WSJ, finding real estate lawyers, filing tax thingies…hmmmm ok maybe he is pretty legit.

*Edited to Add* Forgot to mention his stupid Fantasy Football Draft last night…After two hours of “special auction” and “chat room” crap I think I felt the same way about it as he does about my blogs. Annoyed.

So I mostly blog at work. Sorry boss!

Without further delay I present…my August reading list! I had a bit of a slumpas you may recall, but my discovery of Nalini Singh’s fabulousness made up for that!!

  1. Slave to Sensation, Nalini Singh A
  2. Lord of Scoundrels, Loretta Chase reread A+++
  3. Duchess By Night, Eloisa James A-
  4. Blue Diablo, Anne Aguirre, B+
  5. Pleasuring the Pirate, Emily Bryan B+
  6. A Wanted Man, Linda Lael Miller B-
  7. Start Me Up, Victoria Dahl B-
  8. Intertwined, Gena Showalter C+
  9. An Affair Before Christmas, Eloisa James C
  10. Paris Hangover, Kirsten Lobe C-
  11. Laced with Magic, Barbara Bretton D

12 Responses

  1. Sometimes I blog at work too but it’s also sometimes part of my job!

  2. Patrick: lucky you! pretty sure i would be fired if they found out…hmmm that’s a scary thought. signing off now.

  3. Glad I can be of assistance in helping your TBR pile become bigger than it is :D

  4. The WSJ actually had an article this morning that you’d like too.

    Maybe for next month’s reading list

  5. Arrrgh. That Fantasy Football! My husband is totally knee-deep in it, too…it is sooo time consuming. And…we cannot talk to him while he is doing the highly technical, secret agent, logistics of the whole thing. You’d think he was saving the world with this stuff :)

  6. KB: my TBR would be nothing without you!

    Art: romance novels in the WSJ is sooo legit! (why am i using the word legit so much?)

    Jennifer: aren’t we saving the world when we’re reading romance novels? so i guess i can be more understanding to him…but still football=boring to me.

  7. my blogging has been pretty relegated to home (after work) lately.

    and i wanted to do the fantasy football thing SO badly. i really thought i would get to. i just can’t fit it in, though. i don’t think Miss Bianca is nearly as disappointed about it.

  8. Don’t say the words Fantasy Football around my presence! :)

    Slave to Sensation, Lord of Scoundrels and Blue Diablo all favs of mine :)

  9. I don’t blog but I read blogs at work. lol. I get home pretty late each night that I can only skim blogs and my emails before I go to bed…so to stay on top of my reading I take reading breaks at work, haha. But ssshh, we don’t need to tell my boss that.

  10. Uh yeah, I sometimes comment from work via my phone. I’d be done for if I actually did any blogging, not to mention there’s really no time for it.

    OTOH, I’m so jealous of you having your August list up. I’m procrastinating. Maybe I’ll just do the darn list without my mini-reviews of each one. See? I’m dithering.

    Thankfully while I have computer hogging fantasy football type males in my household we also have our own laptops. So, see I have no excuses at all any more.

  11. i coulda sworn i commented on this….

    anywho, last night chuck took MY computer while i was cooking dinner and proceeded to hog it because his was “in the other room” what? and it was all about the football. men!

  12. This is EXACTLY why I’m glad B hates the computer. I hog my time AND his. FTW!

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