A Feast For Your Eyes

There has been a dearth of curvy leading ladies in my reading choices of late. They are thin, willowy, slender, trim, petite, etc. Sometimes they are described as such in a negative way, like “she hated being thin, she was awkward and gangly, she looked like a boy, men dismissed her upon a glance,” but STILL I haven’t read of a larger, very curvy, very buxom, big hipped, big bottomed heroine in a LONG TIME.

In my house more than a handful and more to love are very acceptable if not preferred.

So I put together a feast for your eyes…

Here are some of my favorite people who come to mind when I think of this body type who I have crushes on and consider WAY MORE attractive than any spindle-y model any day:

#1 Martine McCutcheon

I fell in love with her when I saw Love Actually in the movie theatre in 2003. I remember exactly what year it was because I saw it when I studied abroad in France. I paid 20 Euros to see that movie and only ate bread for the rest of the week because of it. This movie was soooo worth it because of Natalie/Martine.

I actually didn’t even know her name until I looked her up for this blog post just now!

My work wardrobe is based on her outfits in the movie, I wear tight pencil skirts because of YOU Natalie!


….and I also may or may not have cut my bangs in my host family’s basement bathroom to look like her, she is just too cute!


#2 Katy Mixon

It’s time to point out the obvious, I have a thing for brunette women. Most of the guys I dated (the Hubster included) are blonde with blue eyes, but for girls? I love me a brunette.

I’ve seen Katy around (Four Christmases and maybe somewhere else?), but not until my newest HBO obsession East Bound & Down came out and I saw her rip her shirt off did I truly appreciate Katy’s fabulousness:


My rule is if I search the first 10 pages of Google Images and don’t find what I’m looking for, I give up. So…no shirtless pictures of her. I found one of her naked boobs, but yeah, not gonna post those here! But I liked this one:



#3 NOT Scarlett Johanson or however you spell it. I hate her. I feel like she is a requisite “curvy woman” but I dislike her intensely. Why, you ask? NO reason. Something about her face maybe? Definitely the red lipstick, hate that. Whew, better stop there before I get any bitchier.

#3 Beyonce (of only one name)

I like her lots, not as much as the first two, but I am comfortable with her on this list, so feast your eyes on this bootay:


That reminds me of my #4 Jennifer Lopez

Sorry, but I heart her. And *stamping my foot* I don’t feel like explaining why. I just do. I think she is pretty and I like her figure. She is just normal, well exceedingly good looking, but she strikes me as normal. Like the girl next door, like from around the block, she’s just Jenny from the block y’all!

Sorry I can’t help it, but seriously she is so normal/freaking gorgeous:


One more because that wasn’t the most flattering, but she’s from the block, she can handle it:


And lastly #5 Catherine Zeta Jones

When I saw her in Zorro with my family when I was in middle school (yeah children of the 90s!) my mom said I looked like her. She lied. But I became a CZJ fan for life.


So I feel terrible about my lack of non-brunette curvy women coming to mind, who am I missing?


16 Responses

  1. What about the late, great Mae West? My personal favorite of a woman who was anything but tiny and worked it like a rented mule.

  2. Ooh I’m all about the brunettes too. But you missed my fav, Selma Hayek. It’s hard to do a Google search of her without getting just boob pics but I give you this: http://images.teamsugar.com/files/upl1/0/3987/02_2009/bb6e046c09c54c04_Salma-Hayek.preview.jpg as proof :)

  3. Probably because various different ethnicities are often naturally built that way? Mexican, Italian, Middle Eastern etc etc (that’s not to say they all are, tho :0) )

    I heart writing heroines with substance (aka some jiggly bits )

  4. Presonally, I’m a fan of Christina Hendricks from Mad Men. Gorgeous, red headed and curvacious as hell. I’d definitely consider swinging the other way for this chick. She just ooozes sensuality.

  5. ooh what a great list! (i have a weird anti-soft spot for jlo, similar to yours for ScarJo, but that aside…) :-)

  6. Sewicked: oh Mae West was indeed spectacular! I should do a non-contemporary list, she would def be on it!

    Rachel: your gift overwhelms me, much as her chest overwhelms that dress.

    AnneD: has anyone ever told you you are a genius? serioulsy great point on why the brunettes came to my mind fastest. i feel less guilty now

    Kati: there you are! i missed you! i need to watch that Mad Men thing, don’t i?

    Alice: three cheers for irrational hatred! *shrugs* what can we do? glad the rest of the list met your approval :D

  7. very nice list, lady! as a woman and brunette to boot i’m told that i look like Lauren Graham (all the frickin time) but then i also get Stephanie Courtney, the progressive lady. so, yeah.

  8. Great list! I love Kate Winslet. I think she’s one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. And talented too. The last “lusty read” I read that had a curvy leading lady was Katie MacAlister’s “Corset Diaries.”

  9. I LOVE Martine McCutcheon!!! She is so cute..Love Actually is one of my favorite movies.

  10. I had no idea you were into East Bound and Down- that show is incredible and I cannot wait for the 2 new seasons! And yes, you ABSOLUTELY have to get into Mad Men. It makes me want to be a sexually harassed secretary in the worst way.

  11. I absolutely want to marry Martine McCutcheon. That is all.

  12. LOVE ACTUALLY is another movie I’ve watched a gazillion times and Martine McCutcheon is one of the reasons. When you said you based your work wardrobe on her I could totally see it. Now I know why you looked so familiar!!

  13. Marilyn Monroe all the way!

  14. Martine McCutcheon. Just wow. It’s always just been “wow” with her.

    I can’t think of any curvy non-brunettes either, though.

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  16. […] as a lover of curvy heroines (*ahem* I’ve only mentioned this a time or two), and as I love my own curves, I absolutely adored seeing that side of Callie! …but I […]

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