Book Tower: nice looking yet distressing



Today dmbosstone thought of moi upon seeing this “arrangement” of books…




My first response was, “Oooooh pretty, precious books! *gazing in wonder* Sooo many of them. Want. Them. All! *slobber/drool* Must touch, must hold, must have!”

Then I envisioned my trembling-in-awe fingers reaching out, unable to stop myself before the Book Jenga of all Jenga’s collapses, eviscerating my lust forever.



   Some of the comments in the post with these photos came from fellow bibliophiles such as myself with similar reactions. Upon reflection while I found the “art” (i guess art? i dunno, im no good with artsy stuff outside of books) aesthetically pleasing, it is useless and vaguely frustrating to a true book lover. It is the epitome of “look but don’t touch” one of the things you lust for the most.

While twittering about it I agreed with 12minds most vehemently when he said:

@lustyreader It’s pretty but hurts my heart. Meant to be read! And loved! They belong on bookshelves or the nightstand!

Exactement, mon frère.

So there are no book towers in my future. Built in bookshelves though? DisTINCT probability!


7 Responses

  1. I think it’s a neat conversation piece that easily highlights a passionate hobby- glad you liked the e-mail!

  2. What about after you read them, maybe? That tower is pretty damn cool. :-)

  3. This is AWESOME!!! I agree with you because that thing would come tumbling down cos I’d pull the middle book out for sure! LOL

  4. looks like my bedroom! LOL.

  5. Patrick: i will i definitely need new storage options in our new place!

    Lilu: i usually only keep books that i want to reread, otherwise i donate them to the lib, so if i built a tower it would not last very long. i like to look at the INSIDE of books, not the outside!

    Reederscorner: it is always the one inthe middle that i want!

    KB: i have a few piles too, but nothing as pretty as this!

  6. oh man, i absolutely LOVE that. i’d have to make it out of 2nd hand books i picked up that i knew i had no interest in reading, though ;-)

  7. I think it is art. It’s sooo bootiful. But, yeah, someone should be reading those books. :)

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