Could I wear these if I wasn’t Tardy for the Party?

I watched Episode 8 from this season’s Real House Wives of Atlanta this weekend and admired Kim’s dress choice.

Yes you read that right, the nut job with a blonde wig. I loved her pastel pink, flowing, floor length, billowing, tight ruched bodice with black ribbon details, boobs pushed up-and-out dress.

Don’t get me wrong she looked RI-FECKING-DICULOUS* but still, she wore it. She didn’t pull it off, but how does she get away with it? Just walking out of the house like that?

She rocks some dresses I would LUUUURVE to wear! just for fun. They are straight out of my romance novel fueled imagination, what I picture some of my heroines wearing and ME WANT.

While googling my brains out to find a picture of the one to which I am referring I found that my thoughts matched another “Real Housewife” cast member whom I ABSO-FECKING-LUTELY** adore, Bethenny Frankel. Just love her – Her bitchy comments, her sharp rejoinders, her scathing put downs of everyone, herself included…she cracks me up.

On her blog she wrote, “I also love Kim’s pink, flowy Harlequin Romance dress. She should be running toward Fabio in a field in an “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” commercial.”

Great minds think alike, Bethenny! Be my friend?

Since I couldn’t find a picture of the one she wore at Kandi’s studio while reluctantly recording “Don’t Be Tardy for the Party” here is the clip. Best shots of the dress around the 2 minute mark, from 2:08 to 2:30ish –

In my crazed-googling for photos of this dress I did find a comment thread where someone referred to it as a “Little Whore on the Prairie” dress. Hmmm, now that you mention it? Yeah, a little bit. But I still want to wear it for fun!

Here are a few others Kim wore that appeal to my romance novel loving side of frilly, frothy, girly dresses:


This little black-and-white number would probably be perfect in one of Kristie J or Wendy Super Librarian’s Western Romances for the secondary character of a hooker with a heart of gold or a misunderstood can-can dancer living above the saloon.


Or this cotton-candy-on-crack concoction? I have no words. But wouldn’t it be fun to wear?!?!

I like Kim, she entertains me, and even though she’s barmier than bats in the belfry*** I really enjoy her dress choices. And am sort of jealous I can’t prance around in DC in them.


* and ** Just finished a novel set in Ireland where all the characters said “feck” instead of fuck, it’s stuck in my head

*** This was not in the book, I just made it up and am not sure what it means. But Kim is totally CAH-rayzay.

Edited to Add: here is what my heroines in my romance novels ACTUALLY wear, just for your frame of reference. What I wouldn’t give to waltz in one of these



7 Responses

  1. I’ve only seen one episode. And she was wearing this one dress… I don’t even know how to describe it. It was so ridiculous that you just had to applaud her.

  2. haha… that’s exactly it. i would love to wear her daily clothing.. AS COSTUMES :-)

  3. f.B: kim only needs one episode to be applauded. she doesn’t take long to make an impression

    Alice: such a good point, as COSTUMES! they remind me of some of the dresses in my “dress up box” as a kid

  4. Ah the light dawns about the tweets this morning looking for Housewives of Atlanta pixies. It amazes me what you can get away with wearing with a little chutzpah.

  5. I love the comment in which she says, “she’s so nervous because she’s not sure how ‘great she’ll sound.” How does she get her money anyways? Instead of her thinking she has a future in music, she should write a book of how she landed some rich nugget that allowed her to play Pride and Prejudice outside the bedroom.

  6. Rosie: I know, I wanted my post to be a surprise, but I was so saddened by the lack of pictures I hoped twitter could help me.

    Christina: Ugh, in the first season there was an episode where Kim was in a recording studio and I pretty much had to change the channel she was so bad. At least in this one there was a lot of background noise you couldn’t hear her.

    And I was distracted by my green eyed jealousy for her dress!

  7. Real Housewives started filming in DC so now you’ll have more dresses to criticize…

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