When Our Powers Combine

Back when hubby and I were dating we would talk about where our relationship was headed in the future by saying “when our powers combine…” We both felt that so many aspects of our lives and our relationship would only improve once we were totally and irrevocably combined.

We were right. This weekend we celebrated our one year anniversary and with our powers combined even in just 12 months we achieved so much. I mean, hello! We bought a house! But more so than that, we are making it a home. We’ve celebrated the little things from first time signing our names as Mr. and Mrs. to our 6 month anniversary.

Our wedding day here in DC was perfect…well it did rain in the morning, and I did want to do something violent to my mother-in-law when she tried to cheer me up by saying, “A wet knot never slips!” But then we wouldn’t have had a rainbow while we were taking pictures after the ceremony!

wedding_rainbowRomance in real life certainly beats any novel.

Now hopefully we will be around to celebrate more anniversaries after eating the top layer of our year old wedding cake that’s been in the freezer all this time. When we went on our honeymoon we forgot to put it in a ziploc bag, so it was just sitting in the freezer, naked it it’s icing for a while.


Hmmm, it tasted fine last night, but I’ll be checking in with hubby throughout the day just in case!


21 Responses

  1. Ah Charlotte- Many happy returns on your anniversary. What a lovely photo of you guys w/the rainbow!

    Where was your reception (I want to say I recognize that hotel ballroom)?

    Here’s the another 100 years of happiness for you both!

  2. Aww Happy 1year Anniversary!

  3. Kati: thanks so much, that pic is def one of my favorites. Our reception was at the Willard on Penn Ave, they did the GREATEST job.

    Zia: thank you, e-cheers!

  4. What a great milestone, congratulations, Lusty. :)

  5. bayoohtiful! happy anniversary, lady!

  6. A rainbow on your wedding day? If that isn’t a good omen, I’m not sure what is :)

    Happy anniversary to both you and your guy.

  7. Congratulations. It did make for an incredible picture too!

  8. It was such a lovely day! So happy for both of you.

    The company making our wedding cake mails us a mini cake on our 1 year anniversary so that we don’t have to freeze one. Thought it was a huge benefit!

  9. Happy anniversary!! So beautiful!

  10. Happy anniversary! Hope the cake is still good in your system! (Eep!)

  11. Happy Anniversary!

  12. Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful picture!!!

    We ate our top layer the night of our anniversary – it actually tasted decent :)

  13. What an adorable photo- happy anniversary!

  14. awwww what a great post! *grin*

    Congratulations!!! *hugs*

  15. Aw, happy anniversary! You guys are gorgeous! And love the rainbow view!

  16. Happy Anniversary! Cheers to late September weddings! I think it’s perfect timing for future weekend anniversary getaways!

  17. Thanks so much for all your congrats you guys! I can’t believe it’s already been a year!

  18. Congratulations! And what a wonderful picture of you two under a rainbow. :)

  19. You are stunning!! And I love who your husband is looking at you in the second photo–you can just feel the love:)

  20. Oh that first picture is just absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and linking up!

  21. […] my personal life I celebrated many milestones, including our one year wedding anniversay, becoming better at dealing with crazy candidates at work, and buying our first home! It’s […]

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