September Reading List

So I told myself I wouldn’t post my September finished reading list until I wrote ONE review for any of the books I read. Well we all know I have no willpower…sigh…so I’m just posting it anyways with just a few thoughts after each. Maybe one of these days I’ll get around to writing a review. But reading is SO much more fun than writing!

It was a very good month! Found a new to me favorite (and fairly new overall) author, Kate Noble and plenty of above average reads!

Revealed, Kate Noble A Awesome historical romance with a very unique heroine, a diamond of the first water, good ton, high society miss who is much deeper than anyone could ever guess and uses her highly honed social skills in marvelously useful ways.

It Happened One Autumn, Lisa Kleypas re-read A I just adore the Wallflower Series and felt like a comforting favorite *sigh* Lillian and Marcus are so great together! I’d love to play rounders in my petticoats with them and Daisy!

My Soul To Take, Rachel Vincent A- Very fun new paranormal YA series, about Banshees (or bean sidhes). Loved the story, the world building, and the suspense plot, just gave it a “minus” for being too elooongated and drawn out. By not telling Kaylee all about her powers or any details of the secret paranormal world too many plot points were extended beyond reason. Like the day you found out you weren’t human wouldn’t you want to know everything about yourself and your family?! I wouldn’t just be content with a kiss from my new hot boyfriend and told I’d find out more later! Not telling her key information put her and others in danger.

Her Every Pleasure, Gaelen Foley A- One of my favorite authors delivers again, I adore the Knight Miscellany and world Ms. Foley built with their family in all the connecting stories. Just gave it a minus because it wrapped up a bit too neatly at the end with the Hero changing his life around to adapt to the Heroine’s royal world.

McAlistar’s Fortune, Alissa Johnson A- Was very very surprised at how much I like this historical romance novel! I got it for free at RWA and knew nothing about the author and didn’t really like the look of the cover (sorry!). But the inside? Very charming characters, fun dialogue, and enough hints at other connecting stories that I’ll be reading others by Ms. Johnson soon!

Sushi for Beginners, Marian Keyes B+ Told from several characters’ point of view we get a happy ending, independent self discovery, and a broken marriage. A chick-lit and romance novel combined, I liked it best for the Irish setting.

Family Plots, Mary Patrick Kavanaugh B+ Again, very surprised at how much I liked this one too! The introduction labels it “pulp faction”: a story based on true life but with some embellishments. The tag line of “Love, Death, and Tax Evasion” sums up this woman’s life well, but she describes it brilliantly throughout the book also.

Naked in Death, J.D. Robb B Look, I LOVED these books, and spent way too much time trying to find them all in my library systems and then way too much money buying up all the beginning of the series when I couldn’t get them at the lib. And I will CONTINUE to glom them. BUT I figured out who the murderer was right away in the first two books, like RIGHT AWAY, and Roarke is just a teensy bit too mysterious for me to really fall for him. I am mostly in love with the futuristic world Robb created on Earth in 2058 with people talking over the ‘link, farming colonies on other planets, fashions of feathers in their hair and beaded insteps of sandals, and Auto Chefs sound just “mag.” I will heartily recommend them and stay up late reading them, but the first ones were just a bit too flawed for me to give an overall A.

Glory in Death, J.D. Robb B

Immortal in Death, J.D. Robb B

Fables, Bill Willingham B Super fun foray into my first graphic novel. A great whodunnit, use of classic fairytale characters, and beautiful illustrations.

The Charm School,Susan Wiggs B I love historical romance novels on ships, especially when the Hero captain is a bit of a rogue! And the added bonus of the ugly duckling story line was super fun too. I just didn’t like the reason why they first made love, how he convinced her. And her transformation into a beauty wasn’t as fulfilling as I thought it could be, for the heroine, or for me the reader.

Tiger’s Eye, Karen Robards re-read B- Last read this in the 90s and had a pang of nostalgia for it. Did NOT stand up to my vaunted memory of it. The heroine was rather boring and the Happily Ever After was not believable as it didn’t address any issues with the disparity between their stations on society, him the King of the London’s criminal underworld, and her the Daughter of a Duke (I think?) and widow of an Earl.

 Remembrance, Jude Deveraux re-read  C+ I also remembered this book during my burst of nostalgia, I actually remembered I didn’t like when I first read it but I just had certain scenes stuck in my head and had to read it. Like when you have a song stuck in your head you HAVE to play it, right? Time travels are very hard to write, and certain ways the heroine traveled back in time, to the many many stories within a story, made this seem a bit of a schizophrenic story. And the HEA wasn’t super believable for me either.

Phew, that is a LOT of mini little thoughts I just typed out! Maybe next month I’ll be better about writing reviews. Don’t you sardonically raise your eyebrow at me! I just might, to spite you and your doubtfulness *crosses arms huffily*

7 Responses

  1. Cool, you had quite a good month right?

    and TOTALLY Agree about Kate Noble, Revealed is one of my top 10 this year!

  2. Ana: it was an excellent month! I’m so glad I took your recommendation (as usual) and read Revealed. I have to get Compromised (tee hee, no pun intended!) and her new release next year!

  3. Revealed and It Happened One Autumn definitely A books. I LOVED Marcus…sigh.

    And gasp..they are both named Marcus:) In Revealed – favorite line(s) “It’s just me” – every time they said it made me smile.

  4. Great reading month and many of the books you read are favorites of mine.

  5. Oh, I loved The Charm School. Best marijuana scene in a romance novel EVER. ;)

  6. Mandi: So glad you loved them too! And the “It’s just me” line was so sweet, especially when he used it in an *intimate* way!

    KB: so we’re reading twinsies for now!

    Heidenkind: it was my first and only marijuana scene in a romance novel. i don’t think i was as big a fan of it as you are though!

  7. *high five twinsies*

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