Library loot: a surprise and an unrequited hug

Lists, big and small, are a part of a book lovers existence. Am I right, or am I right? Post-its on my desk, receipts on my coffee table, napkins in my purse, half forgotten ones in the back of my poor tired brain, even floating in my dreams, and occasionally I remember to put them on my blog

All of them are lists of books to either get from the library, Top 10 lists, ones the Border’s in Georgetown has in stock, the B&N in Metro Center has in stock, a wish list for when more lucrative times visit my house,  or simply just ones I’m thinking about writing a blog post about. Right now I have a Potbelly’s napkin in my purse that says:

Male Ps: Sharpe, Sherlock, HP (?), Travis McGee, Hornblower

I’m not sure what that list even means anymore, but I’ll post about it the next time that napkins sees daylight from my purse and I figure it out!

Even though I’m trying to keep track of these things via lists, it’s still really pretty out of control. So much so that I got a notice from my library the other day of a book I had on hold that was now ready for pick up and I didn’t even recognize the title of the book! I must have put The Forgotten Garden on hold so long ago and not even kept track of it that it absolutely escaped me!

So I had a pleasant surprise of The Forgotten Garden waiting for me at the library, as well as Ender’s Game that I promised mylittlebecky I would read on her recommendation, but another treasure greeted me upon arrival:


Notice anything about the top book? I took another picture for a “better” view, but instead it came out awful and blurry. My camera needs a spanking. I’m posting it anyways so don’t strain your eyes too hard:


In case you can’t tell I AM THE FIRST PERSON TO CHECK THIS BOOK OUT! Huzzah!

On my way to the check out counter I did a quick walk through of the romance section to see if there is anything new. There is never anything new. Not in my library that is less important than a funeral home [yes you should click on that].

But soft, what pink neon light through yonder shelf breaks? It is a new release, and This Duchess of Mine is the sun!

I pranced to the counter in awe of my good fortune, bestowing a (scarily) large grin upon the librarian I exclaimed, “Look, I’m the first person to check this out!” She gave me a kind smile and concurred softly. I had this wild urge to ask her who orders the romance novels and hug them. I tamped that down, but the glow stayed with me…

Does anyone else get excited about being the first to borrow a book from the library? The uncreased spine, untouched pages, all unplundered until your hands claim it?

Library loot is a weekely meme hosted by Eva and Marg


14 Responses

  1. How can the library place a sticker over the description? Library fail! LOL

  2. Ugh KB EVERY PAPERBACK is like that!!!!

  3. I love, love, love getting to be the first person to read a book from a library. It’s like discovering buried treasure…then breaking its spine, and giving it back. Which is why no one should ever lend me their books because I’m merciless. A book should look like it’s been read…

  4. I placed Covet on hold a few weeks before it came out , normally with a new release it takes weeks after it is out in bookstores for the library to process it. But the day after it was released it was waitng for me. I ran down to the library, slapped my card down in front of a checkout girl and demanded she get my holds. I explained that my book was here she did not really care but it made my month. Now I have books from september that haven’t come in yet, but am more willing to wait hoping Covet getting to me so soon was not a fluke.

  5. My library doesn’t do the stickers anymore so I never know how many people in front of me have checked it out. I like the wine in the background..make me want to have a glass while I read :)

  6. You’d be proud I went to the Central Library this afternoon!

  7. I love getting the first book at the library… it smells wonderful! PS Library books and wine are my two favorite things!

  8. yayee! enderrrr’s! yanno, i was thinking… since you read the dreaded sci-fi you should pick your ultimate romance-ical book for me to read. hold me, i’m scared.

  9. Lists are definitely a part of my existence! :D And you should definitely read the Horatio Hornblower books if you haven’t before-I love them! :D I can’t tell if I’m the first person to check a book out, because my library doesn’t stamp due dates. So unless it’s a book that’s *just* been released, I have no idea! But those just-been-released ones are extra exciting. :D

  10. Lol, I got a book a few weeks ago and I was the first one. it was so shiny and sweet :) But usually I don’t mind, cos some look so good that you could never know they have been borrowed a lot

  11. Usually the books from my library don’t have a record of how many people have checked it out before, but if you order the book before the library has actually received it (in my library system books are entered into the catalogue when they are ordered by the library, not when they are received) then they’ll send the book straight to you, without even putting a particular library branch’s sticker on it first. I get a silly little thrill when that happens.

  12. Olga: then we are def on the same team, i know there are VERY divided factions over this but i 110% agree a book should look likes its been read. people from the other team should not lend us their books!

    Lisa: you were the first to read Covet?! That *is* a huge deal! That would put me on a library high for quite a while too ;)

    Mandi: ha, I didn’t even realize the background, it’s just my kitchen counter. But when I think of books and wine I definitely think of you!

    Pho: yayyyy, it is SUCH a nice lib, right? way nicer than any of the ones in downtown DC. i’m so happy i work in the suburbs, just for the nicer libraries ;)

    Sunshine: oh i love a new book smell, some notebooks too.


    Eva: hi, thanks for visiting! i tried the first two hornblower books (sort of the “first” anyways since the order confuses me a bit) and they got better as they went on but i wasn’t totally in love. but im glad i wasn’t the only one confused about the multiple North and South books!

    blodeuedd: i totally agree on the “shiny and sweet” when you’re the first one! i just wanted to stroke the pristine cover and got frowny when i thought of other people putting more stamps and creases in it.

    legxleg: what is this phenomenon of no more stamps and stickers at librarys?! i hadn’t heard of this before. but i am right there with you on the “silly little thrill” that type of stuff really makes my day too!

  13. I feel obliged to point out there isn’t actually a Border’s in Georgetown. :)

  14. I hope you enjoy The Forgotten Garden, I just loved it. You should also read Kate Morton’s other one The Shifting Fog, I think its US title might be The House at Riverton. It’s wonderful as well.

    Re: Katiebabs, I hate it when they do that with the stickers!!

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