Lusty Lexicon

Our household is full of compromise…well at least trades. Like I get to pick what we watch on TV Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (why he doesn’t want to watch America’s Funniest Home Videos, Grey’s Anatomy, and Ghost Whisperer I’ll never understand:) and then hubby watches football all weekend and Monday. Occasionally NASCAR, sigh.

This weekend while cheering on his beloved Jets (before they started giving him negative points in his fantasy football) we had this conversation:

Hubby: Mark Sanchez is such a sex cannon!

Moi: Pardon? A what?!

H: Haven’t you heard that before? A sex cannon, as in he’s awesome.

M: As in he’s awesome at sex?

H: No, just awesome, and maybe good looking too, it’s what “they” call Rex Grossman.

M: Well a of all Rex Grossman is NOT CUTE and b of all I have never heard that before. I am checking the internet…

rexgSo according to the world wide web it turns out Rex Grossman is/was nicknamed the Sex Cannon (again, he is not that cute, but Mark Sanchez? Yumm). Google away my friends, I didn’t find any fabulous links. I also accidently found stuff about Nick Cannon and sex, so be careful!

I also searched twitter for “sex cannon,” obviously the best way to see if this is a common phrase and it is NOT. Only 1-2 references to Rex Grossman. But I propose we add this to our lexicon.

We already have smexy and there are only so many times you can call a guy hot/hott, so why not sex cannon?

I’ll tell you who’s a sex cannon though, the Hero in my current read – Vaughn D’Angelo in Nalini Singh’s Visions of Heat. As evidenced by this scene (um, keep in mind he’s a jaguar changeling):

“Show me,” she whispered…

The T-Shirt she’d meant to sleep in floated to shreds at her feet – Vaughn’s claws had moved so fast she hadn’t even had time to take a breath. Eyes locked on her, he slid his hands down her back and under her waistband to cup her bottom.

She gasped as her breasts rubbed up against his chest, full and aching. When her panties disintegrated off her body, she barely felt it, so stunned was she at the pure sensuality that spread across Vaughn’s features. He’d been scared of physically harming her yesterday. Today he was in full control of his strength…but not his hunger.

He smoothed one hand down the front of her body and the roughness of his skin rasping over her navel had her holding her breath. The tips of his fingers touched her curls. She clenched her hands on his shoulders.

“So soft,” he murmured, and drove his fingers through the curls to cup her intimately.

Her scream reverberated off the stone walls.

Meow! I need to do a little more research to see how aptly my newly learned term really applies to Vaughn, so pardon me while I keep reading that scene. I might have to peruse some other lusty scenes. Just for research you understand!


15 Responses

  1. *snicker*
    Sex Cannon.

    Is it wrong that even though I write steamy books, I still giggle at sex terms?

  2. I’ve heard of Sexy Rexy but I wouldn’t call him a Sex Cannon. Or even just a cannon. He sucks.

  3. Football is practically a religion at the Bat Cave – and yeah – never heard of “sex cannon.” Like Patrick, we always referred to Rex as “Sexy Rexy.” As in “What Rex will show up today? Sexy Rexy or the guy who looks like he’s never played a day of football in his life?” Cuz you never knew what you were going to get with Rex. He’d either be the goat or look like the second coming of Joe Montana. There was no in-between with that guy.

    Which reminds me – what the heck happened to Rex? Off to Google to see if he’s even still in the NFL…..

  4. This made me laugh, because it’s far more likely to be me using football terminology that my guy doesn’t understand. He’s all “What’s the Cobra D?”

    Of course, he’d totally deny this if he read this.

  5. we have that same arrangement! the best part is when chuck feels guilty about it *evil grin* ps i don’t make him feel guilty. pps i’m on the internet trying to block out football noises and occasionally saying “YES!” and doling out high fives.

    also? i’ve never heard of sex cannon. the end

  6. Sarah: not wrong, not wrong at all! it would only be wrong if we *couldn’t* laugh at sex!

    Patrick: I did uncover sexy rexy in my google search, but again, i just do NOT see it in him!

    Wendy: I have trained myself to be able to read while football is on TV…i only get distracted by the commercials! Still like me even though we have different religions? ;)

    KatiD: now I have to google Cobra D…sigh

    Beckyyyyyy: twinsies, that is ALSO a rule! if i choose the tv show, then he gets the computer and vice versa.

  7. The Sex Cannon: He’s not shooting blanks, that’s for sure! LOL

    I like my new phrase: It was so good I want to have babies with it. :D

  8. You get distracted by the commercials because Fox broadcasts them at a volume where people 900 miles away from your television can hear them. Gah – I hate that!

    And yes, we can still be friends :)

  9. Sex Cannon – omg I love it. I mean, the cannon itself..with the big release..and “boom” – this phrase could get a lot of use. :)

  10. Just looked it up at


  11. KB: yes, I love your phrase “have babies with it!”

    Wendy: the commercials ARE louder! phew i thought iw as crazy for thinking that

    Mandy: I know, I also thought about how cannons are long and thick and…hmmmm…but my lusty dirty mind was totally in the gutter so i didn’t include all that in my post…let alone the “shooting” part! haha.

    And urban dictionary is SO nasty, every definition is gross!

  12. i hadn’t heard of sex cannon either! and i WATCH football! (although: i shall now be implimenting it.)

  13. SO not hot. Give me a Barber- either one- over him ANY day.

  14. […] flu and I was just flu-ish and head-cold-ish I didn’t argue too much with his TV choices (like we usually do) and graciously let his swine-y self choose. So we watched lots of Deadliest Catch, football and […]

  15. I have never heard of the “sex canon” thing, either. I think it’s interesting that men equate sex and canonong with awesomeness.

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