Fevered bookish thoughts

The lusty household was home sick this week and I have been apathetic about blogging, reading and commenting. The only meal I made in 4 days was the classic grilled cheese, tomato soup, and orange juice:

cliche yet so yummy

cliche yet so yummy

Oh, and a giant FAIL at easy mac, wayyy to soupy to eat, yuck. I’m out of practice as I was an easy-mac-expert in college. Especially at 3am. We mostly ordered out and had lots of tea. Since hubby had the real swine flu and I was just flu-ish and head-cold-ish I didn’t argue too much with his TV choices (like we usually do) and graciously let his swine-y self choose. So we watched lots of Deadliest Catch, football and baseball with a few Bonnie Hunt and Say Yes to the Dress shows interspersed while he was napping.

I can now highly recommend the movie Milk (I bawled at the end) but would not recommend Role Models so much.

We weren’t alone  however, as many of us who attended a huge blogger event last weekend in DC were stricken with the #pbandtunaflu, a twitter hashtag for the afliction. Sort of ironic that poor non-blogging hubby who was super nice to go along with me was the one who ended up with the actual swine.

But I think I was probably the only one out of all us poorly-feeling bloggers whose fevered and nyquil soaked brain had vague yet persistent memories of a children’s book stuck in my head but I just COULDN’T figure out what book it was!

I had dreams of the illustrations. Stirrings of happy nostalgic feelings. Breif snippets of my mom and I reading together. Maybe she read it to me when I was sick and that’s what triggered the memories?

All I know is that I hadn’t thought of this book in 15+ years and I could only remember a smaller, very short hardcover with a little girl and a white horse.

Googling “children’s illustrated white horse book” gave me umpteen thousand results. Amazon’s browsing categories feature was much more helpful, I was able to narrow is down to > children > hardcover > animals > horses and as soon as I scrolled through 2 pages I saw the title and BAM! I remembered it vividly, immediately, and had a little bit of a tingly rush looking at the cover:


It’s for babies really, 0-4 years old I think, and it’s really the illustrations that make the book.* I remember them being soft, subtle, almost lovingly drawn, and so so very sweet. The story itself is also sweet about a little girl named Charlotte who convinces her father to let her raise a wobbly-legged white colt and let her take care of him herself until he can stand on his own.

Maybe my subconscious brought this book to the forefront of my sluggish brain after being bombarded with Where the Wild Things Are images with the movie coming out as Maurice Sendak also illustrated Charlotte and The White Horse 17 years before he wrote and illustrated WtWTA.

Or maybe I just remembered the comfort of reading this book as a baby and my poor tired body and fevered brain dredged up the happy feelings that I needed to get well.

I can’t believe I’m remembering BABY books though!!! Between this one and The Teddy Bear’s Picnic book and song I thought of the other day I am just on a roll.

*Those of you who know me in real life may guess another reason why I loved this book too ;)

5 Responses

  1. aw feel better Lusty!! ((HUGS))

  2. oh man, tomato soup is yummmmmy! i’m sorry you’re not feeling well but at least good memories are coming up… i used to have a reoccurring sick dream about ants not being able to solve a puzzle. always freaked me out.

    ps i just saw wtwta and it was weird and uncomfortable and weird.

    *feel better hugs!*

  3. Kb: thank you! e-hugs are very safe and appreciated

    mytallbecky: very strange ant sounding dream. i have NO desire to see wtwta, i got these inexplicable bubbles of rage in my chest when i saw they were making into a movie. so bizarre. i think i had this idea “they” were trying too hard to cash in on our childhood nostalgia. also the book is effing 12 LINES long. you cannot make a good movie out of that.

  4. Hope you’re feeling better soon Lusty!

  5. Aw, I hope you feel better soon. :(

    They have a new easy mac now where you just pour in 4 ounces of water and microwave. It’s actually pretty good; I like to eat it at work.

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